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Workplace culture is increasingly at odds with the way both women and men are living their lives today, which in addition to hindering the fair and appropriate progression of women is also detrimental to the economic development of Wales. This is why your involvement is important.

Get involved, and together we’ll make a positive difference.

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Chwarae Teg leads and shapes the debate to drive cultural and structural change. With your support our messages and campaigns will be seen by more people, this means the issues affecting the progression of women will become more visible and easier to be acted upon.

You’ll be supporting the work we do to help women achieve and prosper.

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We have a vision of a Wales where every woman and girl is treated equally, is able to fully participate in the economy, and public and political life and live safe from violence and fear.
To ensure a thriving, successful economy and society we need to address the continued inequality that women face and ensure that everyone in Wales can prosper, regardless of their background.

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