"With Welsh elections on the horizon it’s imperative that we consider what we can do differently to secure a gender equal Wales. After 20 years of devolution Wales has an established parliament with powers over crucial aspects of women’s lives; health, social care, economic development, education, childcare, skills, equality and more".

Chwarae Teg have a vision for a gender equal Wales. Where women of all backgrounds can achieve their potential. A Wales where we work together to dismantle structural barriers, and where we all benefit from the economic value of gender equality, which could be as much as £14 billion.

Women in Wales

Inequality is not inevitable, it is a result of unfair and archaic systems and structures that do not take into account difference or disadvantage on the basis of gender or other protected characteristics. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the true cost of this inequality, with women, particularly women of colour, disabled women, and women on low incomes, bearing the brunt of the crisis.

Now is the time for radical change. An opportunity to rebuild to a fairer, caring and equal society.

A Manifesto for a Gender Equal Wales

We want Wales to be a nation where all women can thrive, regardless of their background. A nation where inequality, discrimination and oppression are eradicated. This bold vision and ambition must translate into action from the next Welsh Government so that Wales can reap the benefits of gender equality.

We need deeds not Words

  1. Become a world leader for gender equality by enacting the recommendations of the Gender Equality Review, placing equality at the heart of government. We need to change not just what we do, but how we do it to achieve equality of outcome. A gender equal Wales means an equal sharing of power, influence and resources between women, men and non-binary people of all backgrounds.
  2. Take an intersectional approach that looks beyond gender, and understands how race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, disability, poverty and low incomes can shape experiences and access to opportunities.
Women in the Economy
  1. Rebuild and reshape our economy to focus on what matters to our communities and our survival. Invest in childcare, social care and health care, focusing on society’s wellbeing, equality and fairness as a measure of success.
  2. Improve women’s access to, and experiences within work. Ensure welsh workplaces pay a real living wage, and are fair work employers; with flexibility, fair reward, and opportunities for progression. Improve working conditions within female-dominated sectors like care, retail and hospitality, while also improving women’s access to STEM and traditionally male-dominated careers.
  3. Improve support for women in self-employment, with tailored support including finance, networks, mentoring and business advice.
  4. Deliver universal, free childcare for all families in Wales, integrating early childhood education and care. Investment in childcare, is investment directly in our economy.
  5. Create a care focused economy, with a new deal for care workers who have been underpaid and undervalued for too long.
  6. Ensure public transport services and infrastructure are designed for women’s journeys and are always safe for women to use.
Women Represented
  1. Bring about a gender equal, diverse and representative Senedd, that is better resourced and able to serve the people of Wales.
  2. Ensure our compulsory, higher and further education actively breaks down barriers and gender stereotypes. Gender equality must be a central measure of success for educational institutions, and all women must be able to access and thrive in education free from fear of harassment and abuse.
  3. Careers advice must challenge gender stereotypes, be accessible to women of all ages, and equip women to achieve their potential.
  4. Tackle gender segregation in apprenticeships, with clear targets for providers to address gender imbalance.
Women at Risk
  1. Tackle the root causes of women’s poverty, and build a Welsh benefits system based on the principles of equality, dignity and fairness.
  2. Prevent sexual harassment, by challenging the cultural attitudes that allow it to take place, improving reporting mechanisms to better protect women, and create safer public spaces including transport, education and the night-time economy.
  3. Invest in lifelong learning, making it more accessible and affordable, giving women the opportunity to develop and improve their economic position at any time in their lives.
  4. Ensure that women do not bear the brunt of Brexit, with no roll-back of rights and replacement funding that focuses on tackling inequality and poverty
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