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Chwarae Teg’s work involves a range of  exciting Policy and Research, Projects, Events and Networks… this is a great place to learn about the gender equality work we do week-to-week and the Welsh people and businesses we support.

6th October 2020
Inspirational autism champion celebrated
29th September 2020
Wonder Women celebrated at national awards
23rd September 2020
Niche IFA Sponsor Womenspire 2020
23rd September 2020
Q&A with Elin Jones MS
22nd September 2020
Target Group Sponsor Womenspire 2020
21st September 2020
Survey reveals 95% of Welsh women polled experience Imposter Syndrome
17th September 2020
Senior Leaders talk….how to ‘build back better’ from the top
17th September 2020
Recruitment in a pandemic
13th September 2020
Dev Bank Sponsor Womenspire 2020
10th September 2020
Committee for Senedd Electoral Reform and our Diverse 5050 campaign statement
8th September 2020
A placement, a blog post and some interesting research
7th September 2020
Womenspire’s going global with Andrea and Carli
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