Take our survey: research into disability and employment

9th September 2019

Do you identify as a disabled person or have a long-term health condition?

Chwarae Teg is carrying out research into disability and employment, and you can help us by sharing your experiences in our online survey.

We will explore the barriers that disabled women and men experience to help decision-makers and employers make positive changes for disabled people in employment. We want to hear from disabled women and men so we can understand how experiences can differ.

They survey will take just 10 to 15 minutes of your time, please share it so we can hear from as many people as possible.

This research is based on the Social Model of Disability.

Identifying as disabled according to the Social Model of Disability means that individuals living with impairments and / or health conditions are disabled by barriers within society and not by their impairments or differences. These barriers can be physical, like inaccessible buildings, or they can be caused by people’s negative attitudes towards disabled people, for example.

If you have any problem completing this survey, or would like to take part but aren’t able to in this format, please contact Hade Turkmen on 02920 462 745 or hade.turkmen@chwaraeteg.com.