Gender Pay Gap: 3 ways HR can make a difference

21st June 2018

Gender Pay Gap reporting shouldn’t be seen as scary, it can help to show what and where the issues are that are causing the gap in your business and enable you to tackle them so that you can reap the many rewards of an equal and balanced workforce.

Evidence shows that more equal and inclusive businesses are more productive, see increased retention rates and have improved recruitment which ultimately makes them more successful.

As Wales’ leading gender equality charity, we have 25 years of expertise in working with businesses to help them thrive through becoming more equal. What we’ve learned is that really small changes can go a long way to tackling an organisation’s gender pay gap.

The top 3 areas where we work with businesses to help them reduce their gender pay gap are:

  1. Reviewing recruitment processes leading to a greater diversity of applicants
  2. Introducing and improving flexible and agile working practices so that more women are able to access more of the roles and more senior positions
  3. Working with directors and staff to help them to understand unconscious biases and the benefits of a more equal and diverse workplace

Chwarae Teg can support and advise you on this and more through our FairPlay Employer service. The service enables our FairPlay Employers to improve on gender equality through a sector benchmark, action plan and access to best practice reports and workshops. We can support you with the ‘what next’ after gender pay gap reporting and you can promote your organisation as a FairPlay Employer when recruiting.

Click here to register your interest in Chwarae Teg’s FairPlay Employer service, or email us at and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to chat.

We also have our Agile Nation 2 programme which is fully funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government, and can provide a fully funded career development programme for your female employees.