#GivingTuesday at Chwarae Teg 2020

24th November 2020

Chwarae Teg is participating in Giving Tuesday 2020, to be held on the 1st of December.

This year’s Giving Tuesday offers the opportunity to #GiveBack2020 by donating to charity, reaffirming commitment to a cause, volunteering time or supporting others by simply helping a friend, neighbour or family member.

“#GiveBack2020 is a chance to take something positive from 2020 and make a difference at the same time” – Charities Aid Foundation

Charities like us have worked hard this year. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on women in Wales due to their position in work, in families and their position at risk of violence, abuse and poverty. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the true cost of this inequality, with women, particularly women of colour, disabled women, and women on low incomes, bearing the brunt of the crisis. We have been busy supporting individuals and businesses and making sure that the views and experiences of women in Wales are represented and actively considered by policy makers and politicians.

How can you #GiveBack2020 and help create a gender equal Wales?

Support and play your part in realising our vision for a gender equal Wales. Where women of all backgrounds can achieve their potential. A Wales where we work together to dismantle structural barriers, and where we all benefit from the economic value of gender equality, which could be as much as £14 billion.

Make a donation to support our work.

Donations will help us continue to:

  • Support Women: Offer opportunities for all women – particularly those most disadvantaged – to progress at work and to be able to reach their potential.
  • Provide the Evidence: Deliver innovative research highlighting the impacts of gender inequality and focus on the need to reduce gender inequality in Wales.
  • Campaign for change: Influence leaders and decision-makers to ensure that women are fairly represented, their voices are heard, and their needs are met.

Support Chwarae Teg’s Manifesto for a Gender Equal Wales

With Welsh elections on the horizon it’s imperative that we consider what we can do differently to secure a gender equal Wales. After 20 years of devolution Wales has an established parliament with powers over crucial aspects of women’s lives; health, social care, economic development, education, childcare, skills, equality and more.

Inequality is not inevitable, it is a result of unfair and archaic systems and structures that do not take into account difference or disadvantage on the basis of gender or other protected characteristics.

With your support we can make it clear that now is the time for radical change. An opportunity to rebuild to a fairer, caring and equal society.