Gower College Swansea – Sponsor at Womenspire

4th September 2023

Tell us about your organisation

Gower College Swansea is a large further education college in Swansea, delivering the highest quality of education and training that inspires and supports all of our learners to achieve their full potential.  Gower College Swansea offers a wide range of full-time and part-time courses, including almost 40 A Level subjects and 40 vocational subject choices, alongside higher education courses and apprenticeships. There are over 4,500 full time and 8,000 part time learners – including 3,000 apprentices. The College operates from seven locations across Swansea, including campuses at Tycoch and Gorseinon and is one of the largest employers in the region with over 1,000 staff. Gower College Swansea stands as a beacon of inclusive education and ensures a lifelong learning journey catering to learners of all ages. #Yourfutureguaranteed

Why are you supporting the awards?

Supporting an awards ceremony that celebrates the achievements of women and advances gender equality is vital for a further education college like Gower College Swansea. It demonstrates the College’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and recognition of women’s contributions in various fields. Such support empowers female students and staff, inspiring them to aim higher and break barriers. It also sends a strong message to the community about the College’s values and dedication to gender equality, fostering a positive reputation. Additionally, these awards promote role models, encouraging future generations to pursue their aspirations regardless of gender. Overall, Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards align with the College’s values and commitments, whilst contributing to a more inclusive society.

Why does gender equality matter to you?

Gender equality is of paramount importance to a further education college like Gower College Swansea, not only as an educational institution, but also as a large local employer. It signifies a commitment to providing an equitable workplace, promoting diversity in leadership roles, and ensuring that hiring and promotion processes are free from bias. Fostering gender equality within the College staff sets a positive example for students and the broader community, reinforcing the principles of fairness and inclusivity. Furthermore, a diverse workforce often brings a variety of perspectives and experiences, enriching the College’s culture and enhancing its ability to serve a diverse student body effectively.

Why do you support the work of Chwarae Teg?

Gower College Swansea supports the work of Chwarae Teg as it is pivotal in creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment. By aligning with such an organisation, the College demonstrates its commitment to fostering equality, diversity, and women’s success. The charity’s work in supporting women not only complements the College’s educational mission, but also helps students overcome potential barriers and biases. This partnership not only enriches the College’s social responsibility profile, but also contributes to the holistic development and prosperity of its female students and staff, ultimately creating a more equitable and thriving educational community.