Manifesto to secure the benefits of gender equality for Wales

11th November 2020

Gender equality must be placed at front, right, left and centre of the Welsh political agenda if we are to build back better – that’s the message from Chwarae Teg today.

The charity is launching its ‘Manifesto for a Gender Equal Wales’ and says that now is the time for all political parties and those in power to harness the full economic potential of women.

With research showing that this could benefit the Welsh economy by £13.6 billion, Chwarae Teg has set out actions and recommendations in its manifesto, which will create a Wales where women of all backgrounds and experiences can achieve and prosper.

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated stark inequalities in society with the most vulnerable groups facing hardship and disadvantage – women, people of colour, disabled people and those on low incomes.

With the Welsh election on the horizon, Chwarae Teg is calling for parties to show bold leadership and commit to tackling the root causes of inequality.  The charity wants to see:

  • A new approach to the economy which truly values the paid and unpaid work that women do, with investment in vital public services like social care and childcare
  • Action to improve diversity in our political institutions so that politicians and the decisions they make reflect, and meet the needs of, the communities they serve
  • Action to tackle barriers and stereotypes in education which lead to gender segregation in the labour market
  • Action to end the risk of poverty, abuse and isolation faced by women so that they can live safe, secure and fulfilling lives.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen the same groups hit hardest again. This is not inevitable. It is a result of our deeply flawed economic approach, and demonstrates a collective failure to address the root causes of inequality.

“As Welsh elections move closer, it’s imperative that we consider what we can do differently to deliver a gender equal Wales. Our Manifesto sets out the actions we know are essential to making this vision of Wales a reality.

“We must refocus our economy on the things that mater and properly value care, both paid and unpaid, investing in vital services like childcare and social care.

“We need political institutions to reflect the communities they serve, so are calling for reform of the Senedd to ensure it is diverse and better resourced to deliver for all.

“And we simply cannot afford to leave women at risk of poverty, abuse and isolation. We need a proper tackling poverty strategy, action to prevent sexual harassment and ensure public spaces are safe, and we must double investment in lifelong learning to ensure that it is affordable and accessible.

“The incoming Welsh Government in 2021 has an opportunity to ensure that Wales is a nation in which you are able to thrive regardless of your background. We know what action is needed so our call to political parties is to commit to delivering the change that Wales deserves.

Cerys Furlong
Chief Executive, Chwarae Teg