Niche IFA Sponsor Womenspire 2021

20th September 2021

Tell us about your organisation

Whether you’re seeking to retire early, purchase that first home or simply take control of your finances, Niche IFA offers independent fixed fee financial advice tailored to your situation. We provide a comprehensive range of advice on pensions and retirement, cashflow planning, savings and investments, estate planning and much more.

Our team is based in Newport, South Wales, right next to the Brynglas Tunnels. We also have a number of meeting spaces available in Llanelli, Cardiff, Bridgend, Bristol, Swindon, London and Cheshire. In the current climate, we are also able to offer clients a fully remote service.

Why are you supporting the awards?

In recent times, so much progress has been made to redress gender imbalance and increase diversity within the workplace. That work has been done by organisations like Chwarae Teg and by society. It’s also been done by charities, businesses and organisations and by employees themselves. We need to recognise very best practices and achievements at work and making the office so much more representative of the real world. Everybody deserves the chance to succeed in their personal lives and careers, and the Womenspire Awards provide the chance to shine a light on the very best Wales has to offer.

Why does gender equality matter to you?

Here at Niche, we’re passionate about assembling and developing the next generation of financial advisers who will serve the next generation of clients. That means ensuring we match our demographic as far as possible. Gone are the days of male-dominated, smoke-filled offices. Today, the financial services industry offers women a real chance to progress as far as they can. But there’s still more to do within organisations in order to redress the gender imbalance. As much progress as has been made so far, it’s time to once again turn up the volume on that conversation.

Why do you support the work of Chwarae Teg?

Niche began its work with Chware Teg in 2017, completing the Exemplar Award programme, which focussed on recognising and developing the diverse practices and procedures within our company. Such work encourages small to medium enterprises such as Niche, to focus on recruiting and developing not only women, but others from underrepresented areas and removing direct and indirect barriers to career progression. Chwarae Teg’s work to fight these barriers across Wales has been unparalleled, and we’re proud to play a part in the journey.