Overturning perceptions of leadership and how we can skill women for their futures

25th January 2021

Overturning perceptions of leadership and how we can skill women for their futures

Thankfully as we enter 2021 our perceptions about leadership, and what a leader looks like are changing. However, we still strive to overturn long-held assumptions about leadership, to break down barriers and normalise women (yes, even part-time workers) in leadership roles. We must introduce measures that place better leaders in key roles and promote a culture that helps them succeed. Just imagine what we can achieve if we give everyone the chance to maximise their abilities.

Being a good leader doesn’t mean running your own company. It can involve using your platform in your current role to spread positive messages to guide and inspire others. Using the abilities we all have; empathy, humility and emotional intelligence and adding in more formal leadership skills, will mean work place promotions and taking on more responsibilities can be approached with confidence.

We want to see more diversity in leadership, with more women and more people from different backgrounds having more opportunities to be effective and inspirational leaders. That is why we have developed our range of Fairplay Employer leadership programmes; to inspire and empower equality driven leaders.


FairPlay Employer Leadership Programmes

Now more than ever, leadership plays a significant role in ensuring your employees are productive, engaged and well-looked after.

Effective leadership promotes organisation growth and innovation.  Good leaders need the right tools and support to help them maximise their potential and achieve results.

Fairplay Employer are offering two leadership programmes throughout 2021 to support your female managers to be confident, effective, and build on the skills they need to create and maintain effective teams.

Advancing Leaders

Our Advancing Leaders programme gives practising team leaders the skills and confidence they need to successfully lead their teams through 2021 and beyond.

This programme is for women who have some management responsibility, but little or no formal training.

Throughout the programme leaders successfully evaluate their leadership skills and styles and learn how to effectively plan and deliver change.

We support your managers to develop the confidence and resilience to lead in challenging times, with a focus on inclusive leadership. As well as gaining a nationally recognised qualification in Leadership & Management (ILM Level 3 Award).


Evolving Leaders

Our Evolving Leaders programme prepares Project/Middle Managers or Heads of Departments for Senior Management.  This programme is designed to support women who are preparing for strategic leadership roles.

Throughout the programme leaders will assess their leadership performance, develop critical thinking skills and understand how to make strong and informed management decisions.

We support your managers to develop their ability to lead and inspire, and ultimately to drive better results. As well as gaining a nationally recognised qualification in Leadership & Management (ILM Level 5 Award).

The programme encourages strategic thinking to foster business improvement and sustainability.

FairPlay Employer offer a unique learning environment.  We pride ourselves on using experiential learning and workplace based reflective reviews to ensure that new skills can be transferred and applied in the workplace immediately.


Who are we?

FairPlay Employer is focused on developing world class leaders that are self-aware, courageous, inclusive and equality driven.  The FairPlay Employer team knows how to the unlock talent of every individual in your business to build better, more profitable workplaces. After all we are part of Wales’ leading gender equality charity, so we know what works.

Work with us to help create a world where women can achieve and prosper; where everyone is valued for who they are and what they do.

For more information, contact us today to discuss how the programmes can benefit your business. fairplayemployer@chwaraeteg.com