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22nd June 2020
Supporting menopause at work
22nd June 2020
Making the most of furlough
18th June 2020
Joining forces to promote funded help to get agile
4th June 2020
“Society is the disability”: Chwarae Teg’s new research reveals the discrimination faced by disabled women in work
2nd June 2020
Women – Your business idea – MAKE. IT. HAPPEN
29th May 2020
Leading and inspiring – that’s officially Aberystwyth University Student Union!
27th May 2020
Chwarae Teg responds to research that shows women bear the brunt of housework and childcare during lockdown
27th May 2020
Chwarae Teg’s Not Just For Boys initiative is moving online
21st May 2020
Mrs Bucket’s achieving again
12th May 2020
Neurodiversity – the overlooked talents of people who think differently
15th April 2020
Hodge Bank Sponsor Womenspire 2020
9th April 2020
Recognition for achieving on equality and diversity
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