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14th March 2019
Acorn Recruitment and Darwin Gray – Womenspire Sponsor
14th March 2019
Plan UK – Womenspire Sponsor
12th March 2019
STEM – tackling the skills gap
10th March 2019
Natwest Cymru – Womenspire Sponsor
8th March 2019
Purple Plaque Stories – Val Feld
8th March 2019
5 Ways to promote equality and support diversity in Wales
5th March 2019
Wales’ second purple plaque to be unveiled
4th March 2019
Gender Pay Gap – 5 key questions to make sense of the numbers
25th February 2019
The power of flexible working
21st February 2019
Mind the gap: Closing the Gender Pay Gap will boost the Welsh economy.
6th February 2019
Womenspire18 Culture Award Winner – Kaite O’Reilly
6th February 2019
Wonderful Welsh Women – Interview with Lesley Kirkpatrick
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