‘Society is the Disability’: What does this mean for your business?

3rd March 2021
‘It’s time to realise the benefits that employees with a disability can offer’ – that will be the message shared by Chwarae Teg in its latest free HIVE webinar for businesses.

The panel discussion, which will take place from 10:30am–12:00pm on Thursday 18th March 2021, is designed to give employers across Wales an insight into Chwarae Teg’s ‘Society is the Disability’ report which looks at disabled women’s experiences in the Welsh economy.

Dr Hade Turkmen, Research Partner at Chwarae Teg, will share findings from the report and be joined by Dr Stephen Beyer, Cardiff University and National Centre for Mental Health and Miranda Evans, Disability Wales to explore the opportunities businesses can implement for improvement.

The event will also look at the business benefits of employing a person with a learning disability, how the model used by the ‘Engage to Change’ programme can support both employers and those workers, as well as the outcomes from the project so far in Wales.

Our research revealed that discrimination towards disabled women and men in Wales is endemic. We must begin a significant cultural shift and educate to break down the barriers. This webinar is an opportunity for employers and decision makers to start conversations about how we can do things better.

“Covid-19 has proven that so many of the adjustments disabled people have been campaigning for – like working from home, using tech more effectively, working more flexible hours – are possible, despite them being denied for so long. As we rebuild from the pandemic it must be done in a way that allows everyone to thrive.

Dr Hade Turkmen
Research Partner, Chwarae Teg,

The webinar forms part of HIVE – the Community for Modern Working, which brings businesses together from across the sectors in Wales to share knowledge, connect and network.

To book your free place go to: https://chwaraeteg.com/events/hive/