Support for an improved workplace culture on disability inclusion

2nd December 2021
Wales’ leading gender equality charity is asking employers to become leaders in culture change when it comes to offering employees with disabilities an equal opportunity to achieve, develop and to progress.

Chwarae Teg is running a ‘Disability Awareness’ workshop, designed to strengthen the knowledge of participants around the systemic inequalities that surround disability – whether visible or invisible.

Taking place from 10am-12pm on Tuesday 7 December, the workshop – costing just £75, aims to introduce the social model of disability, consider reasonable adjustments that can be used to support people and recognise how to become a better ally to disabled colleagues.

This is particularly relevant and important as a November DWP report shows the number of disabled people in employment has increased from 2.9m in 2013 to 4.4m in 2021 – an increase of 53.5%.
Details of the ‘Disability Awareness’ workshop, and others run by Chwarae Teg as part of its Inclusive Leadership Programme, are available at They form part of Chwarae Teg’s commercial offering – FairPlay Employer  – which reinvests profits back into the charity’s work to end gender inequality.

"True inclusion is about embracing difference, and an inclusive workplace values all employees for their strengths.

“Companies with strong disability inclusion programmes have better access to talent and better employee retention rates. They have the tools they need to help their employees thrive and this workshop aims to give them those tools via an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Stephanie Griffiths
Commercial Director, Chwarae Teg