Support us and donate

31st July 2020

Why we are asking for donations and how you can support Chwarae Teg

So you may have seen we are actively taking donations. Why, you might be asking? Well Chwarae Teg is a charity after all and to ensure that we are doing everything possible to realise our vision of a fairer Wales where women can achieve and prosper, clearly, we need as much support as possible. With your help we can inspire, lead and deliver gender equality in Wales.

We, like many other charities across the UK are experiencing new challenges related to fundraising and the ways we operate. We exist to support and represent women in Wales and by adding a “Donate” button to our website and increasing the range and variety of ways that we fundraise, we aim to ensure that Chwarae Teg can continue to drive real change for women in Wales.

‘Women of Covid’– donate and support our campaign

We launched our ‘Women of Covid’ campaign as the UK entered lockdown and are immensely grateful for your support so far. When you click on the ‘donate’ link, 50% of all money raised goes directly to fund the work of Welsh Women’s Aid to support women at risk of domestic abuse in Wales. According to domestic violence experts, abuse has skyrocketed in recent months, leaving women more vulnerable than ever. Together with Welsh Women’s Aid we are working hard to ensure that women’s needs are met and women’s voices are heard during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Your on-going support is needed

From time to time we will support specific campaigns, such as the current important work with WWA and whenever you click donate, you will be told where your money is going. In the longer term donations to Chwarae Teg will help us to:

  1. Support Women  – Provide opportunities for all women – particularly those most disadvantaged – to progress at work and to be able to reach their potential.
  2. Provide the Evidence  – Deliver innovative research highlighting the impacts of gender inequality, and focus on the need to reduce gender inequality in Wales.
  3. Campaign for change  – Influence leaders and decision-makers to ensure that women are fairly represented, their voices are heard and their needs are met.

The more we do now to stop inequality for women in Wales, the more Welsh society prospers; We want every women’s contribution to be valued and with your support we will continue to push, lobby and fight for this to happen.