The Open University (OU) Sponsor Womenspire 2021

20th July 2021

Tell us about your organisation

The Open University in Wales is Wales’ leading provider of undergraduate part-time higher education. We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential.

Over 14,000 students across Wales are currently studying with us and we have students in every Senedd constituencies. Almost three out of four OU students are in employment while they study and with an open admissions policy, no qualifications are necessary to study at degree level. Over a third of our undergraduate students in Wales join us without standard university entry level qualifications.

Why are you supporting the awards?

We’re proud to support the Womenspire Awards because we wholeheartedly share Chwarae Teg’s vision of a fairer Wales. We’re a university with a social mission and purpose, and gender equality is central to that. Our goal is to open up learning to everyone regardless of identity, background, or circumstances, and ensuring that education is open to women is crucial.

Women learners across Wales have so much to be proud about. We want to promote and celebrate their achievements, and to celebrate the achievements of women in Wales in all walks of life.

Why does gender equality matter to you?

Gender equality matters to us because it’s critical to building a better, fairer Wales. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that women are equal and are able to thrive.

Our education system has an important role to play in enabling women to develop their skills, enter the workplace, and build rewarding careers, and we are proud to support the Chwarae Teg in pursuit of that goal.

Why do you support the work of Chwarae Teg?

Chwarae Teg is an incredibly important organisation and we are proud to be one of their partners and supporters.

As a university with a social mission, Chwarae Teg’s vision of a Wales where women achieve and prosper, are visible and influential, and are empowered to achieve their potential, regardless of their background, social status, or geographic location is one that is close to our heart.

We recognise the role we have to play as the nation’s leading provider of undergraduate part-time higher education and are committed to working with Chwarae Teg to achieve their mission.