Wales’ third Purple Plaque unveiled on International Day of the Girl

11th October 2019
The Criccieth community welcomed people from far and wide, who all came together on International Day of the Girl (11.10.19) to celebrate the life and legacy of Megan Lloyd George.

Wales’ third Purple Plaque was unveiled in her honour at Bryn Awelon Nursing Home, a former home of the family, by family members Elizabeth George and Bengy Ceri Evans, 94, a nephew to Lady Megan. A celebratory gathering followed at the town’s Memorial Hall.

The Purple Plaques campaign, which is run by a group of volunteers and led by gender equality charity Chwarae Teg, aims to improve the recognition of remarkable women in Wales, commemorate their achievements and cement their legacy in Welsh history.

Megan Lloyd George became the first female MP for a Welsh constituency, Anglesey, from 1929-1951 and later Carmarthen from 1957-1966. Throughout this time she championed women in significant ways.

During her maiden speech she spoke about rural housing and the impact that poor housing was having on women on Anglesey, such as the higher death rate from TB among women compared with men.

She campaigned for equal pay and demanded that the Government did more to give women a responsible role in the war effort.

She was also a member of the National Eisteddfod’s Gorsedd of Bards (1935) and the President of the Parliament for Wales campaign of the early 1950s.

Megan Lloyd George was nominated by Baroness Eluned Morgan AM and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes in Wales.

This plaque is a great honour for the family and it is very fitting that it should be placed at Bryn Awelon in Criccieth. Although Megan grew up in Numbers 11 and 10 Downing Street surrounded by prominent politicians and dignitaries of the day, Bryn Awelon was where she made her home serving on the local town council and with her next-door neighbour as her lifelong confidante and best friend.

Elizabeth George
Family member of Megan Lloyd George

I am delighted that Megan Lloyd George is to be commemorated with a Purple Plaque in Cricceith. It will help to highlight her incredible story, which many people may otherwise not be aware of.

“Megan led the way for women in politics, becoming the first woman to represent a Welsh seat in the House of Commons. She was a mentor for women MPs of all parties, was the first woman member of the Welsh Church Commissioners and championed Welsh political development.

"She also took the lead in the small band of Lloyd George Liberals in Parliament, speaking regularly on issues such as agriculture, Welsh affairs and, increasingly, the rights of women."

Barwnes Eluned Morgan
Asselmbly Member

There are so many remarkable, inspiring women in Wales who could be recognised with a purple plaque for their contributions.

“Megan Lloyd George was a real advocate for women and their rights, using her position to give them a voice on important issues that affected them. Without women like her we wouldn’t be where we are today."

Jane Hutt
Deputy Minister and Chief Whip

The idea behind the Purple Plaques campaign, which was started by me and a cross-party group of women Assembly Members in 2017, is to improve the visibility of women’s achievements right across Wales. I believe there are many extraordinary women in Wales who have had a long and lasting impact on their communities and have previously not been given the recognition they deserve. It’s important for our young people growing up to see what women before them have done – you can’t be what you can’t see!

“Although Megan Lloyd George may be known by some we hope this unveiling will open the eyes of many others to her significant contribution to politics, Wales and the women of Wales.”

Julie Morgan
Assembly Member

As a gender equality charity, at Chwarae Teg we know that women deserve to be recognised at the same scale as men have been throughout history. There are so many female success stories just waiting to be put in the spotlight and inspire future generations. It’s therefore fantastic that we have been able to unveil this purple plaque to coincide with International Day of the Girl.

“There are an estimated 250 mainly blue plaques commemorating notable figures in Wales, the overwhelming majority highlighting men’s achievements, with only around a dozen female exceptions. Purple Plaques aims to address this inequality and give women a prominent place in history."

Hayley Dunne
Strategic Lead - Delivery, Chwarae Teg