Unique experience to inspire young women into politics

20th January 2022
Young women from across Wales are being invited to apply for the chance to find out what it’s really like to be at the heart of Welsh politics.

The LeadHerShip Senedd scheme, run by gender equality charity Chwarae Teg, is now open until Friday 11th February for applications. It will offer women aged 16-22 the opportunity to shadow MSs, learn how the Senedd works, attend First Minister’s Questions and take part in a mock debate.

Open to young women from any background or community across Wales, LeadHerShip requires no previous political experience or engagement – only that the applicant is free to take part on Tuesday 22nd March at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Therefore young women from an ethnic minority, consider themselves disabled, identify as LGBT+, or belong to any group under-represented in public life should feel encouraged to apply.

The application itself asks women to briefly write about what the opportunity would mean to them and why they think International Women’s Day needs to be celebrated in 2022.

Sarah Murphy MS, Member of the Senedd for Bridgend has partnered with Chwarae Teg to sponsor the event.

We started LeadHerShip four years ago and it has been very successful and well received by the young women and MSs alike.

“Women continue to be under-represented in politics and public life. Although 43% of Senedd Members are women, this figure fluctuates and is inconsistent across political parties. There is also a clear under-representation of women from diverse backgrounds in Wales’ political institutions.

“The decisions made by Members of the Senedd affect every area of our lives, and it’s crucial that women’s voices are heard in these debates so the decisions that affect everyone are made fairly. We want to build young women’s understanding, engagement and improve their confidence to speak up and make their voices heard.

Tomos Evans
Policy and Public Affairs Partner, Chwarae Teg

I’m delighted to sponsor LeadHerShip Senedd this year as it’s so important to inspire future generations and empower women to seek leadership roles.

“Having politicians from a range of diverse backgrounds improves decision-making and helps make sure our institutions are able to best serve everyone in Wales. I hope that LeadHerShip Senedd will encourage these young women to take on political roles and see themselves as change makers and leaders of the future.

Sarah Murphy
Member of the Senedd for Bridgend
For further information or to apply for LeadHerShip Senedd visit https://chwaraeteg.com/projects/leadhership, or email any questions to leadhership@chwaraeteg.com