Vauxhall Finance Sponsor Womenspire 2020

9th July 2020

Tell us about your organisation

Vauxhall Finance is a captive finance company that meets the mobility needs of our customers through financial services solutions for the Vauxhall brand. Our team continues our successful journey through living our values of Customer Focus, Agility, Collaboration, Accountability and Integrity.

Why are you supporting the awards?

We are excited to support the remarkable accomplishments of women in Wales and keen to promote our company as a potential employer, to ambitious women in Wales.
Vauxhall Finance has an internal Women’s Inspirational Network (WIN) which encourages women, in a predominantly male environment, to flourish. WIN supports the recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals across the organisation. It is committed to inspiring positive changes to encourage growth and passion for the business.

Why does gender equality matter to you?

At Vauxhall Finance, we believe equality is about ensuring that everyone, regardless of gender, age, background and nationality, has the same opportunity.

The automotive finance industry has always been a male dominated industry and we are keen to encourage more women to apply for roles here as we strive towards a more gender balanced organisation.

In 2018 we launched an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, along with regular tracking and reporting to our leadership team. We are fully committed to achieving our goal of a truly inclusive workforce, building on and extending beyond the many programmes already in motion.

Why do you support the work of Chwarae Teg?

Chwarae Teg is a fantastic champion for gender equality. Some of our employees have even benefitted from its Agile Nation 2 Business Programme. It’s an incredible charity which we are proud to work with.