Western Power – Womenspire Sponsor

4th June 2019

Tell us about your organisation.

We are the electricity distribution network operator for south Wales, the Midlands and the South West. We deliver electricity to over 7.9 million customers and employ over 6,500 staff.

Why are you supporting the awards?

Western Power recognises the positive impact that female representation brings to our business and industry and is supporting this change which is being championed by these awards.

Why does gender equality matter to you?

In an industry which has been traditionally perceived as a male dominated environment, Western Power Distribution understands the importance of not only supporting Gender equality in the workplace but also striving to improve that balance within our own operations.

Why do you support the work of Chwarae Teg?

Western Power Distribution is proud to be a key sponsor at Chwarae Teg’s Womenspire Awards 2019. Chwarae Tegs work in supporting Gender equality is in line with our own vision in making improvements to support a totally inclusive workforce for the future.