Embracing online learning in lockdown and beyond

6th July 2020

Embracing online learning in lockdown and beyond

Well, who would’ve predicted the current state of the world and all the changing ways of working and learning!

Organisations have had to pivot to fit the needs of the workforce and their customer base in order to survive and to thrive in these uncertain times.

More than 12 weeks have passed and many people are coming out of the panic phase which has seen life as we know it put on hold. It’s now time to look at life in and beyond lockdown, and how we can continue to grow and develop ourselves to ensure we’re prepared as we can be, for ever changing work and life realities.

Here at Chwarae Teg our multitalented training and delivery team have embraced the challenge to enhance our online learning offer, learn new skills and use our creativity to produce programmes that are engaging, motivating and inspiring. Our online content and delivery ensures our participants are included, we support them throughout their qualification and desired career development goals.

We have even moved our Graduations online. Where we’d ordinarily host events at the end of each programme, we have delivered 22 inspiring online gatherings that saw each participant recognised for her success, with guest speakers, programme highlights and the odd glass of fizz. Over 300 women have received virtual certificates and celebrated achieving their qualification.

“I loved the virtual graduation, there was such energy in the air, and I feel grateful to have been a part of this amazing group of women.” Programme Participant

Will online learning be the new normal?

As we navigate through lockdown and look to the immediate future where social distancing looks to remain for a while, we have to adapt and use this opportunity to grow our offer. All training centres are revising their classroom delivery and moving online. I am sure we will get back to the training room again, but this pandemic has stretched and challenged us to create online training that can now run in parallel to the traditional classroom.

When employers allow their workforce to attend online training this removes barriers such as location, travel expenses, fear of attending new groups, safe space learning at work or home. It also enables team members to take more control of their learning and access the additional materials in their own time at their own pace. Online courses look great on your CV, it shows potential employers that you’re committed to learning and eager to improve your knowledge and skill-set. At this current time it also shows your ability to adapt to change and learn whilst we navigate this challenging and uncertain situation.

Here at Chwarae Teg, our materials are being finalised so we can deliver our unique career development programme, fully online. What we have planned ensures none of the magic of classroom delivery is lost, and our online engagement is top of the class.

We will still be face to face, just from the comfort of our own home and computer!

This is an exciting time to gain your Team Leader qualification and use new technologies. You don’t have to be a tech wiz either, we’ve got that covered, from an e-meet to start your journey and meet the fellow learners in your group, to 6 virtual delivery days full of engaging activities. Why not start your career development journey today.

As a taster for you….
  • We offer an e-meet to start your journey and meet the fellow learners in your group
  • A tech session for anyone unsure about using our eLearning platform
  • 6 virtual delivery days full of engaging activities (with set breaks)
  • E-Learning follow up from each day’s session for you to learn at your leisure
  • Multiple online career development resource from interview skills, CV writing, personal branding, networking and so much more, all downloadable!
  • Virtual tutorial support throughout from your Career Development Partner & Learning Development Partner
  • Virtual review meeting
  • and last but not least, an online Graduation
6th Jul 2020