Where are women working in the Transport Sector?

4th July 2022

Women in Transport Hub Wales and Chwarae Teg are undertaking joint research to understand where women are working in the transport industry in Wales and what their experiences are at work.

In the scope of this research, we will undertake focus group discussions with women working in the bus, rail and active travel transport sectors, and we will ask for employee profile data from the companies.

For the latter, we prepared a questionnaire to be completed by the HR departments of the companies. This questionnaire will help to determine baseline figures for women’s participation in the transport sector and assist Women in Transport Hub Wales to establish targets and areas of action.

Please download the Microsoft Word form below to complete the questionnaire, and once completed please upload it to here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/999V3TB

You can find the guideline on how to complete the questionnaire in the word document.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: The deadline for returning the form has been extended to 19th of August.

All answers will be anonymised and treated with confidence, and only used for the purpose of this research. All data will be compiled to provide insight into the sector as a whole, and no company data will be presented in isolation. For further information about data protection, please see Chwarae Teg’s privacy policy.

Where are women working in the Transport Sector?

If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Chwarae Teg’s Research Partner, Dr Hade Turkmen, on 07587182519 or hade.turkmen@chwaraeteg.com.