Chwarae Teg has a vision for a gender equal Wales, where women of all backgrounds can achieve their potential. A Wales where we work together to dismantle structural barriers, and where we all benefit from the economic value of gender equality.

We shape our work and priorities around our strategic objectives:

Women in the Economy

A fairer Wales where all women achieve and prosper across all sectors and at all levels in the economy

Women at Risk

A fairer Wales where all women are empowered to achieve their potential, regardless of their background, social status or geographic location

Women Represented

A fairer Wales where all women are visible and influential across all sectors of the economy, society and in public life

This was our impact in 2021/2022

Working with women and girls to broaden horizons, build confidence and skills.

Women who have been supported by our Career Development Programme from across Wales have collectively increased their salaries by

In addition:

Women’s achievements celebrated

44 Womenspire Award finalists. 1 inspiring event. 10 Womenspire Award winners

Working with employers to create inclusive workplaces where everyone’s contribution counts

We put equality, diversity and inclusive working practices at the heart of the consultancy and training services we offer. It’s not an add-on, or negotiable, everything we do has that focus. From improving people, process and changing mind-sets, we are committed to building organisations where everyone matters, a place where all employees are proud to belong.

Working with influencers, educators and decision makers.

We work with influencers, educators and decision makers to change attitudes and behaviours to create a society that values, supports and benefits women and men equally.

Our policy and research output places us at the forefront of thinking on gender equality in Wales and enables us to offer high quality policy advice and analysis, leading the campaign for change that moves us towards our vision of a gender equal Wales.

Our consultations

Our representatives sit on a number of panels to provide advice and guidance

Communicating the impact we make

Regular contributors to TV, Radio and print media providing expert gender equality issues of the day and raising awareness of our campaigns and delivery work whilst highlighting the challenges women face.

Working in collaboration and partnership for a better Wales: