The UKs exit from the European Union is one of the most significant legislative exercises in recent history. As negotiations continue there remains uncertainty around our future relationship with the EU.

Brexit discussions in Wales have largely focused on the potential constitutional implications of the EU Withdrawal Bill and the impact of Brexit on agriculture and trade. While these are important issues, it’s also crucial that the gender implications are fully considered to ensure that women do not pay a higher price for Brexit.

Briefing Paper: Post-Brexit funding in Wales
7th Aug 2018

This paper sets out our concerns about post-Brexit funding and the principles on which replacements for structural funds should be based.

Briefing Paper: The implications of Brexit for women in Wales
1st Aug 2018

With negotiations ongoing, this paper outlines our key concerns around Brexit which focus around women’s voices, ensuring that there is no roll-back of equalities rights and protections and that Wales does not lose out financially as a result of a loss of structural funding.

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