Agile Nation2 is funded by the European Social Fund through Welsh Government. Delivered by Chwarae Teg the project has been developed to improve the position of women working in the private or third/voluntary sector.

The Agile Nation2 project was established as women continue to be underrepresented at a managerial level across Wales. It is designed to improve this situation by:
  • Working with employed women working or living in Wales to develop skills, and confidence to progress in the workplace.
  • Working with small to medium sized businesses to develop effective recruitment, working practices for better retention and developing a diverse workforce.
The programme was developed as a direct response to a body of evidence showing there is a clear need for positive measures to be taken to support the progression of women in Wales.

This evidence includes:

  1. National figures show that 8% of employed women in wales are in management compared with 12% of men
  2. Women are underrepresented in key STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) industries, particularly in apprenticeships and management
  3. By balancing the participation rates of men and women, more than 10% could be added to the economy by 2030

Join the thousands of women across Wales who have gained promotions, pay increases and the confidence to succeed.

Ideal for women looking to take the next step towards team leading, supervisory or managerial roles. The programme is fully funded by the European Social Fund through Welsh Government, and is available to women who:

  • Are currently employed and work or live in Wales
  • Work in the private or third/voluntary sector (public sector employees are not eligible)
  • Current role is not funded by any other European programme

Watch our promo video for some inspiration.

Become an Agile Nation2 FairPlay Employer!

Accessing the business support programme can bring many benefits to your small business. With the focus on equality and diversity, the business support can help you:

  • Achieve a FairPlay Employer Award and take your business forward as an employer of choice
  • Develop a diverse workforce to increase growth and profitability
  • Improve staff engagement and productivity, reduce staff sickness and attrition, and save on recruitment costs
  • Develop your management team on key practices through our fully funded workshops

You get:

  • Up to 42 hours of free consultancy and workshops
  • Value of approx. £4,200

Eligibility criteria:

  • SME based in Wales
  • 10 – 250 employees
  • Max. turnover of £35M
  • Working within the private, third or voluntary sector

As a direct result of the programme Avia has added a revenue stream and enabled the growth of the business to sustain a new member of staff.

Hayley Pells
Director, Avia Sports Cars Ltd
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