Are you a woman in Wales who has lost their job? Want to get back into employment? If so, we can help you!

Losing your job can really affect your confidence, particularly in a time of so much change in our lives. We want to you minimise the amount of time you are out of work and give you the tools to get back into employment quickly and confidently.

The free sessions we are holding are outlined below. But they are designed and suited for anyone feeling overawed and overwhelmed by the whole recruitment and finding a job scenario. Every workshop is a safe space to open up and develop real confidence building techniques that will enable you to approach job applications and potential interviews with a renewed energy. .

You can book any one or all of the four sessions

Change your Thinking, Get Results (online workshop 2 hr)

In this workshop we will look at why we need to change our thinking to help us push out of our comfort zones and get the results we want in gaining new employment. We will explore what is holding us back, and work though how setting specific goals will help you to stay focused and motivated giving your job search a new structure and direction.

Promote yourself and stand out (online workshop 2 hr)

You may not think you are a brand, but everyone has skills and experience that can be badged up to make you stand out. Discover how personal branding can help you to successfully reach your career goals. In this workshop we will help increase your confidence and self-awareness. We will give you the tools you need to complete job applications, provide you with the ability to talk about yourself in a clear and authentic way and help you find the right job.

Create a winning CV (online webinar 1 hr)

To improve your chances of securing the job that you really want, you need a winning CV. A strong CV will get you noticed by recruiters and will put you in the best possible position to stand out from the crowd. During this webinar you will receive expert guidance on how to create a CV with impact. Whether you have one, or have never had a CV, this workshop is for you.

Get the interview, get the job (online workshop 2 hr)

Applying for jobs and going for interviews can be stressful and leave us feeling very exposed. But there are things we can do to make them bearable and successful! In this session you will learn how to submit well matched and professional job applications that will increase your chances of securing interviews. We will also highlight techniques to help you to prepare for a successful interview and give you a non-scary understanding of interview questions and how to answer them.