It’s vital that women from all walks of life are visible and influential across all sectors of the economy, society and public life. Boards with a gender balance simply work better, so I’d urge women with a passion for leading change to get their voices heard by taking on non-exec roles.

Cerys Furlong
CEO, Chwarae Teg

Chwarae Teg and partners are providing an exciting opportunity aimed at encouraging more women into Non-Executive Director roles.

Providing a programme of one to one mentoring, shadowing opportunities and skills training that will take place over 12 months.  We will give women practical experience and training on governance and the role of a Non-Executive Director.

The Non-Executive Director Shadowing opportunities and training will take place with your chosen organisation (please see Participating Organisations) .

What we will offer…

  • Mentoring by a Non-Executive Director from your chosen organisation
  • Mentoring/Shadowing by Senior Executives
  • The opportunity to attend and participate in Board Meetings
  • Make available to you the training offered to Non-Executive Directors
  • Paid expenses
  • Provide you with a certificate at the end of the scheme summarising your learning achievements

Who we are looking for…

We are looking for women who are willing to commit to attend approximately 12 Board meetings during the life of the programme, attend strategic planning events and relevant training opportunities offered to you.

Person Specification
  • You are interested in learning about becoming a Non-Executive Director
  • You have a drive to make a real difference to people’s lives
  • You believe in fairness and equality
  • You are passionate for new challenges
  • You have a positive focus

How to apply

If you would like to help us and others make a real difference to people’s lives, then we would love to hear from you.

Please complete the application form by 5pm on Monday 24th May 2021

We will shortlist after the deadline, and invite people for an informal discussion in early June. The project will then run from September 2021 to September 2022.

Throughout the scheme I came to learn not just about the role of a Non Exec Director, and the kind of NED I would like be, but also a lot about Pobl as an organisation and the sectors the Group is a leading force within. This process of learning about an organisation from the position of a NED, through site visits and at a strategic level, is one of the key takeaways I will have from taking part in this scheme. Taking part in this scheme has been an overwhelmingly affirming experience that I feel has placed me in a good position to confidently apply for board positions.

Umulkhayr Mohamed
Step to Non Exec Participant, 2017 - 2018

What is a Non-Executive Director

An active leadership and governance role, setting the strategic direction of the business to support the overall purpose. Doing so in a way which is consistent with our values and ensures that risk is managed and our obligations to customers, regulators and stakeholders are understood and met.

Key Responsibilities

  • To define the vision, values, mission and strategic objectives of the organisation and ensure these are upheld
  • To ensure clear accountabilities and communications within the organisation
  • To promote the Group internally and externally establishing relationships with current and potential customers, partners and stakeholders
  • To monitor, safeguard and enhance the Groups reputation
  • To establish and maintain a positive customer and community focussed culture
  • To agree the strategic objectives and desired outcomes
  • To establish a framework for approving and reviewing strategies, policies and plans to achieve business objectives and effective governance
  • To develop an understanding of the external context in which we operate
  • To approve an annual business plan, budgets and funding strategy that support the achievement of the corporate strategy, corporate plan and business plan
  • To oversee a framework for the identification, management and review of risk
  • To take or ratify decisions on matters that might create significant risk to the organisation or that raise issues of principle
  • To ensure that a positive culture of risk management is embedded throughout the organisation
  • To regularly review and monitor performance in relation to plans, budgets and service delivery
  • To drive an agenda for continuous improvement in our service delivery
  • To set high governance standards, contributing to the review of the Boards performance
  • To obtain and consider customer and stakeholder feedback

The role of the Board

The main role of the Board is to direct the affairs of the Company in accordance with its objects, i.e. to determine strategic direction and policies. Management, i.e. the implementation of the Board’s policies, is delegated to paid staff.


The essential functions of the Board are formally recorded in the Company’s Rules and its standing orders. The Board’s main functions include duties to:

  • Define and ensure compliance with the values and objectives of the Company;
  • Establish policies and plans to achieve those objectives;
  • Approve each year’s budget and accounts prior to publication;
  • Establish and monitor a framework of delegation and systems of control;
  • Agree policies and make decisions on all matters that might create significant financial or other risk to the Company, or which raise material issues of principle;
  • Monitor the Company’s performance in relation to these plans, budgets controls and decisions;
  • Satisfy itself that the Company’s affairs are conducted lawfully and in accordance with generally accepted standards of performance, conduct and propriety; and
  • Take proper advice;
  • To monitor the operation of the Company’s equal opportunities.

Participating Organisations

Chwarae Teg is working with the following partners to provide a unique opportunity for women to undertake a 12 month programme to learn about governance and the role of Non-Executive Directors.

The programme will enable you to gain practical experience and provide you with the skills and confidence to apply for future positions in public life.

You will have the opportunity to shadow ONE of the below organisations during the duration of the programme.

Please select your preference on the application form.

Awen Cultural Trust (Bridgend) – a registered charity whose purpose is to make people’s lives better, which they achieve by delivering inspirational cultural events, activities and programmes.

Building Communities Trust – BCT runs the Invest Local programme, Wales’ largest asset-based community development programme working in 13 diverse communities. It also works on policy, advocacy and campaigns with the community sector across Wales.

Chwarae Teg (Cardiff) – the charity inspiring, leading and delivering gender equality in Wales, ensuring all women have equal access to education, training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities and address the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Pobl Group (Newport and Swansea) – an innovative and vibrant group of organisations working in the not-for-profit sector providing housing and support that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

RHA Wales – a registered charity with a mission to provide quality homes, regenerate communities and improve lives. RHA manages more than 1800 homes and properties and provides a range of services for over 3000 people.

Sport Wales – the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales, Sports Wales supports the delivery of the Welsh Government’s strategic priorities through the Vision for Sport in Wales and the Sport Wales Strategy.

Torfaen Leisure Trust – a company limited by guarantee with charitable status formed in 2013 to manage and develop the Torfaen County Borough Council leisure facilities. In addition to providing multi-purpose centres, the Trust also has staff dedicated to providing specialist projects relating to healthy lifestyles. The trust carefully balances their social ethos and commercial aspirations to maintain, invest and develop a wide range of quality sport and leisure services.

Transport for Wales – the principal rail operator across Wales driving forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated and affordable transport network. A reliable, accessible and low-carbon network of which the people of Wales can be proud

Is this opportunity available for all age ranges?

Yes, we recognize that women of all ages can benefit from this programme.

How much time will I need to commit?

You will be required to attend a maximum of 1 Board meeting per month and factor in time to read any papers ahead of meetings. You will also be required to meet with your mentor, at a time suitable to you and as frequently as you need. This is usually 1 meeting per month.

Should I apply for a position with an organisation outside of my sector or area of expertise?

Yes, this is great for development and will further your knowledge and experience of other sectors that interest you.

Will I need to travel to Board meetings?

We anticipate the majority, if not all of this programme will be held virtually, allowing participants to shadow organisations outside of their geographic locations.

What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will run for 12 months from the date that you start the programme, this will vary across organisations.

What is the recruitment process for the programme?

Applicants will need to complete the online application form. Following the closing date applicants will be notified if they have been shortlisted for an interview with their chosen partner organisation. Interviews will take place in June and if you offered a place on the programme you will be notified of your start date.

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

Not to worry we keep your application on file and notify you should any other opportunities arise for this year. Step to Non Exec runs annually and we will keep you updated on when new programmes run.