The Wales Women’s Budget Group (WWBG) is a new, independent, not-for-profit organisation which brings together leading economic thinkers, academics, policy-makers and women’s networks.

Its aim is to work with government and civil society in pursuit of a more prosperous and equal Wales by ensuring that the impact of taxation and spending in Wales is fair and gender equal. It will do this by:

  • encouraging the use of gender budgeting tools in government budgetary processes. These tools highlight how taxation and budget decisions affect men and women differently. They also help to ensure that economic and fiscal policy plays an active role in achieving equality goals
  • providing independent analysis of government spending decisions and fiscal policy to improve decision making and budgetary processes
  • building capacity across the Welsh women’s movement to participate in economic debate in Wales through training, events and resources.
  • acting as a bridge between research bodies and the women’s movement in Wales. It will ensure that economic research in Wales provides robust evidence, making the case for changes that help women in Wales achieve their potential.

Welsh Government make spending decisions that affect every area of our lives – education and skills, childcare, social care, housing and economic development to name a few. These decisions affect women, men and non-binary people differently. The WWBG will work to ensure that these differences are considered by Welsh Ministers and officials so that spending decisions help to create a gender equal Wales.

We have a year’s funding to build capacity in the four nations of the UK. In Wales, this funding is focused on setting up the WWBG as an independent not-for-profit organisation.

Want to know more?

You can get involved by helping us shape the future of the WWBG. We are looking for people to join our steering group and management committee.

To find out more, or to receive information about news, events, and publications in the future, contact Rebecca Rickard, Project Coordinator by emailing

24th Sep 2019
Gender Equality Review

Resources and Publications

An introduction to gender budgeting from the UK Women’s Budget Group

A guide to gender budgeting from the UK Women’s Budget Group and Oxfam: https://oxfamilibrary….guide-gender-responsive-budgeting

Gender Equality Review for Wales:

Commission on a Gender Equal Economy WBG Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy – Womens Budget Group

Guidance from the UK Women’s Budget Group on how to conduct an equality impact assessment:…FINAL-EIA-briefing

Help steer the work of the Wales Women’s Budget Group

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How well do we understand and engage with the budget in Wales? How can we influence these decisions which affect us all? What would you want to see from a Wales Women’s Budget Group?

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Chwarae Teg currently has a year’s funding from the Open Society Foundation to incubate a new Wales Women’s Budget Group – an independent organisation campaigning for fair and gender equal taxation and spending in Wales. Women’s Budget Groups are well established in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland but this is the first time we have had one in Wales.

The budget in Wales affects every area of our lives – education and skills, childcare, social care, housing and economic development to name a few. And the outcomes of these decisions are far from gender neutral. The WWBG will analyse the gendered impact of government budgets, and use evidence to consider how spending decisions can meet and respond to the different needs of everyone.

The results from this survey will tell us how people in Wales understand and engage with the UK, Welsh Government, and local government budgets. It will help us plan the work of the Wales Women’s Budget Group, ensuring it meets the needs of people in Wales, and help to bring about a fairer and more equal economy.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and send the link to your networks. Many thanks for your help.

Survey closing date: 5 July.