Womenspire Awards! A Vibrant Celebration of Women in Wales

Chwarae Teg, Wales’ leading gender equality charity, is once again celebrating the achievements of women from all backgrounds and stages in life or work across Wales.

Womenspire recognises women for every aspect of life, from personal achievements to outstanding contribution, and we want you to be a part of these celebrations.

Chwarae Teg’s Womenspire Awards showcases the remarkable accomplishments of women across Wales and will inspire future generations.

The Award Categories

Board Member

Women continue to be under-represented at board level across Wales. This award recognises the achievements of a woman who has made a huge impact on their business as a Non-Executive Director.


Community Activist

There are many examples of women who have contributed significantly to our communities – particularly at times of crisis or challenge. The winner will be an unsung hero – someone who tends to hide from the limelight but whose community holds them up as a role model for other women and girls across Wales.


Creative and Media

Celebrating the woman who personifies the best of the sector; pushing the boundaries through creativity and storytelling and has furthered the rights of women. They should encourage other women to be represented across creative platforms.



Fewer women start businesses than men and the average income of a self employed woman is currently around £10,000. This award celebrates those women who have bucked the trend and set up successful businesses with real growth potential.



This award celebrates women who are successfully leading by example. The winner will be someone who has not only been successful in her own right, but has used the opportunities provided by the position she has reached to support and mentor other women.



Lifelong learning benefits everyone. It has the power to change lives. This award celebrates those women who have reentered learning and/or education to realise their full potential.


Rising Star

We want to celebrate the young women coming through in different roles and sectors who show great promise for the future. The winner of this award will be a woman who has entered the workplace in the last 5 years, has already achieved success and has demonstrated real potential.


Women in Sport

This award recognises the contribution women make to sport in Wales. This could be as an athlete, coach or in another role in which they have raised the visibility or increased the impact of women’s sport in Wales.


Woman in STEM

This award celebrates the women who are building Wales through advancing in their own career journey and making a real difference to the STEM sectors in Wales. Our winner will be encouraging other women into these disciplines and supporting women to progress.


Employer Award

Diversity Champion

Businesses that are more diverse are more profitable, more successful and are employers of choice. This award recognises organisations that have taken a proactive approach to close the gender divide in the workplace. They will have run a successful initiative or campaign to directly address gender imbalance for their organisation. They will be able to evidence why gender diversity is of benefit to all employees, not just women. They will be able to evidence the impact their improvements have had on both individual employees and the organisation as a whole.


What’s really humbling is that a lot of these women have no idea how fantastic they are and it’s just an amazing opportunity for ITV to be able to tell these women’s stories and be part of this event.

Nia Britton
ITV Wales

Top tips for a successful individual Womenspire nomination

  • Give yourself plenty of time to write the nomination – don’t leave it until the last minute
  • Choose the right category for your nomination – read the award descriptions carefully before selecting the category. You can nominate as many women and businesses as you want across all of our categories.

When it comes to answering the questions…

  1. State clearly why you think your nominee deserves to win – the overview section gives you a chance to explain who they are, what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. Give us a summary of the individual, we just want to understand their story.
  2. What difference have they made? When describing their achievements tell us the impact this has had. If they’ve done lots of fundraising – what impact has that had on their chosen charity? If their an amazing leader – what does this mean for the organisation and their colleagues? If they run their own business – what does this mean for the local economy?
  3. Tell us about their journey to help us understand them a little better. The barriers that they have overcome could be anything, they may have faced discrimination, may work in a male dominated sector, or it could be financial, social or they may have overcome some personal adversity.
  4. Tell us why they inspire you in the way that they encourage and support women. Inspirational women support and encourage others to do the same. They could support women formally, through advocating, mentoring, speaking at events, writing blogs for example. Or informally, they may have supported and encouraged you to apply for a promotion, to take up a new activity or helped you through a particularly challenging time. They could take the time to support other women in their community and give them the confidence to grow and do more. If you’re uncertain about this, it maybe helpful to ask other people who know your nominee what they may have done for them too.

Good luck!