Once again supported by a host of forward-thinking sponsors we will recognise women in every aspect of life, from personal achievements to outstanding contribution.

Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards is an opportunity for us to highlight women overcoming barriers and supporting other women to achieve and prosper, and to inspire future generations.

Now in their eighth year, with plans for a larger and more spectacular event, the awards will be held at Tramshed Cardiff and broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live on Thursday 9 November 2023.

Womenspire 2022 – BSL (vimeo.com)

Womenspire is an awards ceremony like no other. Nominations come from all walks of life across Wales but have something very much in common – they have all gone above and beyond to make a real positive difference to their own lives and the lives of others.

We want to shine a light on their remarkable accomplishments, as they can so often go unnoticed. At Chwarae Teg we want to applaud what they’ve done and hold them up as role models

A nomination form must be completed in order for the nominee to be considered for an award. Read our category descriptions for more information on each award category before you start your nomination.

Finalists will be announced in September 2023.

Thank you to all our award category sponsors:

Please click on an award category for more information about that award:
Community Connector

Sponsored by Mencap Cymru

This award will recognise a woman with a learning disability being bold and passionate about changing their community.



Sponsored by Development Bank of Wales

Fewer women start businesses than men and the average income of a self employed woman is currently around £10,000. This award celebrates those women who have bucked the trend and set up successful businesses with real growth potential.

Gender Equality Champion

Sponsored by Academi Wales

Our Gender Equality Champion award will recognise an individual, of any gender, who has taken a proactive approach to close the gender divide in their workplace. This person will be a real role model who understands why gender diversity is of benefit to all employees, not just women. They will have run a successful initiative or campaign to directly address gender imbalance, leading to a positive impact and improvements for individual employees and their organisation as a whole.

Community Champion

There are many examples of women who have contributed significantly to our communities – particularly at times of crisis or challenge. The winner will be an unsung hero – someone who tends to hide from the limelight but whose community holds them up as a role model for other women and girls across Wales.

Leader Award

This award celebrates women who are successfully leading by example. The winner will be someone who has not only been successful in her own right, but has used the opportunities provided by the position she has reached to support and mentor other women.


Lifelong learning benefits everyone. It has the power to change lives. Our Learner award celebrates those women who have re-entered learning and/or education to realise their full potential.

Rising Star

Sponsored by Floventis Energy

We want to celebrate the young women coming through in different roles and sectors who show great promise for the future. The winner of our Rising Star award will be a woman who has entered the workplace in the last 5 years, has already achieved success and has demonstrated real potential.

Woman in Health and Care

Sponsored by HEIW

This award reflects the disproportionate impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on women – including women being twice as likely to be key workers. The award is for a woman who has set a shining example across any aspect of health or care, from medical and support staff to training and educational roles.


Woman in Sport

Sponsored by Sport Wales

Our Women in Sport award recognises the contribution women make to sport in Wales. This could be as an athlete, coach or in another role in which they have raised the visibility or increased the impact of women’s sport in Wales.

Woman in STEM

Sponsored by The ABPI

Our Women in STEM award celebrates the women who are building Wales through advancing in their own career journey and making a real difference to the STEM sectors in Wales. Our winner will be encouraging other women into these disciplines and supporting women to progress.

FairPlay Employer Award

This award will celebrate our Chwarae Teg Employers on their journey to gender equality in their organizations. We will assess the distance traveled and the impact achieved.

Mencap are working with Chwarae Teg and supporting the Womenspire Awards over the next two years by sponsoring the Community Connector Award.

The award will highlight the incredible work being done by women with a learning disability in every part of Wales and raise awareness of those who are deserving of praise and recognition.

The Community Connector award aims to increase the confidence of women with a learning disability to nominate or be nominated. In turn, it’s hoped it encourages awards in general to become more accessible to women with a learning disability and that it leads to nurturing positivity and a sense of self belief that their stories are as inspirational as any other citizen of Wales.

Community Connector Award Nomination Form

A nomination form must be completed in order for the nominee to be considered for an award.

Top tips for a successful individual Womenspire nomination

  • Give yourself plenty of time to write the nomination – don’t leave it until the last minute
  • Choose the right category for your nomination – read the award descriptions carefully before selecting the category.
  • Get your facts together! Include any statistics or facts that show the impact your nominee has had.
  • Seek input from others who know your nominee

You can nominate as many women and businesses as you want across all of our categories.

There are 4 questions to answer

  1. Please provide a short overview of the woman you are nominating (max 150 words)
  2. What are their achievements and/or what impact have they made? (max 250 words)
  3. What barriers or challenges have they overcome? (max 250 words)
  4. How have they encouraged and supported women? (max 250 words)

When it comes to answering the questions…

State clearly why you think your nominee deserves to win – the overview section gives you a chance to explain who they are, what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. Give us a summary of the individual, we just want to understand their story.

What difference have they made? When describing their achievements tell us the impact this has had. If they’ve done lots of fundraising – what impact has that had on their chosen charity? If their an amazing leader – what does this mean for the organisation and their colleagues? If they run their own business – what does this mean for the local economy?

Tell us about their journey to help us understand them a little better. The barriers that they have overcome could be anything, they may have faced discrimination, may work in a male dominated sector, or it could be financial, social or they may have overcome some personal adversity.

Tell us why they inspire you in the way that they encourage and support women. Inspirational women support and encourage others to do the same. They could support women formally, through advocating, mentoring, speaking at events, writing blogs for example. Or informally, they may have supported and encouraged you to apply for a promotion, to take up a new activity or helped you through a particularly challenging time. They could take the time to support other women in their community and give them the confidence to grow and do more. If you’re uncertain about this, it maybe helpful to ask other people who know your nominee what they may have done for them too.

Good luck!

Thank you to all our sponsors for your support, and your commitment to making Wales a gender equal nation.

Please click on a sponsor logo to hear why they support the work of Chwarae Teg.

Award category sponsors:

Community Connector Award

Mencap Cymru


Gender Equality Champion


Rising Star

Floventis Energy

Woman in Health and Care


Woman in Sport

Sport Wales

Woman in STEM


Partner sponsors:

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