Registration is open for Womenspire 2020

Taking place on Tuesday 29th September, Womenspire 2020 will be an online awards ceremony streaming on multiple platforms

In light of the current situation, and the continuing uncertainty with Coronavirus Covid-19 we felt that this was the right decision. We are committed to celebrating the amazing achievements of our fantastic finalists, but keeping everyone safe is our priority.

We’re excited to shine a light on those most deserving of praise. We will have everything you would expect from our Womenspire awards ceremony, from videos of our finalists being played throughout to live performances from female artists.

This year’s awards, once again supported by ITV Wales and a host of forward-thinking sponsors, is an opportunity for us to highlight women overcoming barriers and supporting other women to achieve and prosper, and to inspire future generations.

Womenspire recognises women for every aspect of life, from personal achievements to outstanding contribution, and we want you to be a part of these celebrations.

What’s really humbling is that a lot of these women have no idea how fantastic they are and it’s just an amazing opportunity for ITV to be able to tell these women’s stories and be part of this event.

Nia Britton
ITV Wales

Individual Award Finalists

Hundreds of outstanding entries have been whittled down by our shortlisting panel, and we’re excited to introduce you to our finalists.

Select an Award category for more information about the award and our Womenspire 2020 finalists…

Board Member

Women continue to be under-represented at board level across Wales. This award recognises the achievements of a woman who has made a huge impact on their business as a Non-Executive Director.

Meet our finalists

Dr Victoria Winckler – Merthyr Tydfil

Nominated for her work as a Board Member for Traveline Cymru where Victoria has made a huge impact for the board and passengers alike. Many people solely rely on public transport and Victoria has ensured that they are at the heart of the conversation. She has a strong belief that diversity on a board is crucial for an organisation to succeed. As well as being able to lend her expertise through her board position, she has also learned a lot. She encourages other women to take up these opportunities as it benefits both parties. Dr Victoria Winckler is the Director of the Bevan Foundation, establishing it as Wales’ most exciting and innovative think-tank.

Janice Bell – Caerphilly

Head of Support at United Welsh Housing, Janice has also been the Chair of Tai Pawb since 2018. Tai Pawb is a charity that focuses on equalities and social justice in the housing sector in Wales. Throughout all aspects of her life Janice believes that inclusion at all levels is key. Treating people with kindness and encouragement, Janice ensures that everyone has room to share their expertise and opinions and gives them room to grow. She has created an environment where people can be authentic and would encourage others to do the same.

Jessica Leigh Jones – Vale of Glamorgan

Jessica Leigh Jones is a multi-award-winning Engineer and Astrophysicist. She sits on the board for EESW. Contributing her skills, knowledge and experience of STEM learning, Jessica has developed a passion for strategy and organisational culture through her board positions. Co-Founder and CEO of iungo, an organisation which is mobilising a high-achieving, adaptable and resilient workforce through utilisation of high-quality apprenticeships, Jessica joined IfATE and WJEC in 2018 with the ambition to join up thinking and translate best practice across borders. She is always learning to improve her knowledge and continues to stay at the forefront of education and work practices

Julia Perry & Marie Bradley (joint nomination for FABRIC) – Swansea

Diversity at board level is important and this includes different skillsets. Social worker, Maria and finance professional Julia bring complementary skills to FABRIC, an award-winning organisation that is making a positive difference to young people aged 16+ who are leaving care. Their passion for supporting young people made them both step into board positions for the first time. Their expertise is valued by the organisation and has supported them from start up to expanding their operations. As well as providing a wealth of knowledge and skills, Maria and Julia have been a great sounding board for the FABRIC team and true champions of the organisation.


This award celebrates women who are successfully leading by example. The winner will be someone who has not only been successful in her own right, but has used the opportunities provided by the position she has reached to support and mentor other women.

Meet our finalists

Xuehua Liu Au-Yeung – Swansea

A true community leader, Shirley has the ability to bring people together, making a real difference. Moving to Wales to complete her MBA, she chose to settle in Swansea. In 2016, Shirley was a Co-founder of the non-profit Confucius Institute Chinese School in Swansea. The first Chinese school in the UK to be established by the Institute and the Chinese community. She is also the founder of the “Chinese In Wales Association” (CIWA) providing services to support ethnic Chinese living in Wales. From the initial lack of funds and only three volunteers they have grown to 4 paid staff and 10 key volunteers. Shirley has a passion for community and providing opportunities for those around her to develop. She believes that by being kind to yourself and believing that you can do anything, great things can be achieved.

Lolita Tsanaclis – Cardiff

Born in Brazil, Lolita has been a leader within the Welsh scientific sector for the last 30 years. Currently the Founding and Scientific Director of Cansford Laboratories in Cardiff, Lolita leads the organisation that is at the forefront of drug and alcohol testing to help in child protection cases and to promote safe work environments. As a leader, Lolita has instilled a passion for science in her staff. Empowering the staff around she has developed people to he independent, have their own ideas and to be creative. She would encourage women not be fooled by the ‘myth’ of STEM careers. They are for everyone who is interested in making a difference.

Ruth Northway – Pontypridd

Ruth is Professor of Learning Disability Nursing at University of South Wales. Knowing that she wanted to work in this field at the age of 18, Ruth has taken every opportunity that has come her way to develop her own career whilst being an incredible advocate for people with learning disabilities. Encouraging colleagues and students alike, Ruth has shown determination and dedication for promoting and advancing her profession. She continues to foster opportunities for her students to stretch their learning and professional practice, and is a great believer on looking at individuals’ strengths. For Ruth, it’s not about what you can’t achieve, it’s about what you can.

Tracey Rankine – Bridgend

DCI Tracey Rankine, South Wales Police, excels in developing colleagues. Her emotional intelligence has allowed her to recognise potential in others and she has provided the platform for talent to grow. She has a proven talent for appreciating team dynamics and individual needs which she consistently harnesses to the benefit of all.  Recognising the need for structural change, Tracey fought to implement flexible working within the department. This has a positive impact on all staff members and allowed recruitment of a more diverse workforce. This was not just beneficial for employees. It had a significant positive impact for the work of the team too.

Community Champion

There are many examples of women who have contributed significantly to our communities – particularly at times of crisis or challenge. The winner will be an unsung hero – someone who tends to hide from the limelight but whose community holds them up as a role model for other women and girls across Wales.

Meet our finalists

Hazel Lim – Swansea

Hazel Lim is founder of the Chinese Autism Support Group. Upon her son’s diagnosis of Autism, Hazel moved to Swansea and undertook a master’s degree in the condition. Hazel knew that within Chinese culture, ASD is a taboo subject and has a huge stigma. It is often hidden, and a diagnosis can feel like the end of the world for many families in her community.. Hazel is battling to change that perception and is on a mission to provide the support to those children and their families who so desperately need it. Hazel has provided a lifeline for many families in Swansea and is looking to scale up the support she offers. By breaking down these cultural barriers, she is ensuring that young people with Autism are given the right support to fulfil their potential.

Melissa Berry – Swansea

Former captain of the Women’s Welsh Rugby team, Melissa  is the Director of Include Hub in Swansea. It is run by people who have been vulnerable, including  ex-offenders, forothers who are now on a journey of recovery. The idea is to harness the potential of people who have lived experience of the challenges faced by disadvantaged groups, and for them to help others turn their lives around. With a passion for Neuroscience, discovered whilst playing rugby, Melissa believes that understanding how the brain functions can help people recover from trauma and go on to fulfil their potential. Walking alongside her Include family, she leads the way to ensure that people are not treated as labels and they are valued, supported, and empowered to lead their own lives and thrive.

Pamela Judge – Ceredigion

An igniter of passion for social justice, Pamela has mobilised over 500 women the Ceredigion area to become active WASPI campaigners. Through personal experience, Pamela recognised that women born in the 1950’s were being unfairly treated and financially penalised. Throughout her life, Pamela has campaigned for organisations such as Women’s Aid and is always ensuring that women’s voices are heard, and  empowered to make a significant change for their communities. Unlocking the potential of the women in her community, Pamela has proved that they are a force to be reckoned with and continues to do so. Ensuring that she provides the support for those who may see political activism as ‘not for them’ she has gained the support of the local AM and MPs and she is continuing to fight for justice for the WASPI women.

Philippa Davies – Mold, Flintshire

Based in Mold, Phillippa is the writer of the play ‘Dancing in the Wings.’ This moving play is based upon her own struggles with stillbirth and child loss. ‘Dancing in the Wings’ aims to raise awareness of these issues and reach out to those facing similar hardship and show them that they are not alone. After spending 3 years trying to access the right support, Phillippa is determined to make a difference for those families who have experienced loss like her. ‘Dancing in the Wings’ has been performed at Theatr Clwyd and the Chester Forum. It is also being used with midwives and other NHS staff through their professional development allowing them to improve their working practices at what is an extremely difficult time.

Woman in STEM

This award celebrates the women who are building Wales through advancing in their own career journey and making a real difference to the STEM sectors in Wales. Our winner will be encouraging other women into these disciplines and supporting women to progress.

Meet our finalists

Youmna Mouhamad – Swansea

Originally from Mayotte, Youmna is currently a technology transfer fellow in Swansea University working on the improvement of current collection on solar cells, when she is not salsa dancing of course! She is passionate about equality and empowering young people. As a member of Swansea Soapbox science committee, she promoted gender equality in STEM. This inspired her to create the college of engineering BAME network which delivered educative talks on racial equality and secured funding for a leadership course tailored to BAME students. Using her innovation skills, Youmna founded Myana Naturals, a start-up with an innovative applicator for afro hair.

Hannah Pearce – Neath

Hannah is a mum of two children and the creator of Big Bang UK. A qualified Civil Engineer, she previously worked in the construction industry as a Senior Engineer on highly technical and challenging projects. In March 2010 she was taken into hospital with meningitis. This changed Hannah’s life forever. No longer able to do a job she loved, Hannah developed a new way to pass on her passion for STEM. She created Big Bang UK to encourage and inspire the younger generations into STEM-related careers. By running STEM labs and holiday camps, Hannah has worked with lots of young children, leaving them enthused and excited about STEM. She loves to help unlock a child’s imagination and support them to see that anything is possible.

Tenovus Virus Tinkerers – Cardiff

Working for Tenovus Cancer Care, Bethan and Lisa had an idea to make people aware of the ground breaking research taking place by Tabitha at Cardiff University. They approached Ceri and Ellie from Exitus Escape Rooms in Cardiff. The team came together to develop the Tenovus Virus Tinkerers Escape Room. Bringing science to life, visitors need to keep the lab working by solving puzzles to enable changes in the DNA of specific viruses, and train them to attack cancer cells instead of healthy cells. This is exactly what Tabitha does at her lab. The coming together of skills to create this experience promotes STEM and advancements in cancer research to the wider public. Ceri and Ellie donate 5% of all bookings to Tenovus. Innovative, creative and a first for Wales, the Tenovus Virus Tinkers show what can be achieved with a variety of different skillsets.

Amy Rattenbury – Glyndwr Uni, Wrexham

Amy is thriving as a lecturer in BSc (Hons) Forensic Science at Glyndwr University. Her passion for uncovering the truth started at a young age. By the age of 22 she was teaching; empowering and encouraging students to learn scientific skills her passion for her students radiates from her. Amy is an unofficial mentor to many and a fantastic role model for encouraging women into STEM roles. A believer in giving her students a practical experience and learning in different contexts, Amy is undertaking a PhD in Education. Although she is not originally from North Wales, Amy recognises the importance of engaging with the community around her in the Welsh Language and ensures that this is built into the outreach work that her and the team undertake.

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Woman in Sport

This award recognises the contribution women make to sport in Wales. This could be as an athlete, coach or in another role in which they have raised the visibility or increased the impact of women’s sport in Wales.

Meet our finalists

Kelly Leonard – Aberdare

Kelly has always been passionate about sport, achieving her dream of becoming a Physical Training Instructor in the RAF, she thrived in a predominately male environment. Out of the blue, Kelly had a major accident that left her with partial use of her foot, but with optimism and determination she tried various sports over the years. Sometimes she would end up with further injuries, but this didn’t get her down. Kelly was invited to play a game of wheelchair rugby by the Invictus Gamesand has never looked back. She is now Vice Captain of the UK Invictus Team for 2020. Currently setting up teams in her area, she wants to encourage veterans and civilians alike to take part in this ‘fast and furious’ sport. Already coaching swimming and football for children, Kelly now wants to go on to coach wheelchair rugby and see the sport grow.

Elinor Snowsill – Cardiff

Elinor has been a Wales Rugby Player for more than 10 years. Performing at the pinnacle of her professional rugby career, she  found her passion in helping girls succeed in school. As a coach and mentor for School of Hard Knocks, Elinor works with girls across south Wales who are most likely disengaged from education. Elinor believes that sport can unlock the potential for these girls, and whilst providing one to one coaching and mentoring support for the girls that she works with, she also ignites their passion for rugby. Teamwork, leadership, and commitment to training are just some of the skills she helps them to develop. Keen to expand this work on an international level, Elinor is a true advocate for rugby at all levels.

Gwen Spurlock – Swansea

Gwen is a Welsh surfing champion and three-times winner of the women’s UK Pro Surf Tour. After being told she would never surf again due to a traumatic brain injury at aged 16, Gwen has gone from strength to strength. Gwen is keen to promote surfing as a hobby and a profession for girls in Swansea. Gwen was inspired by a female role model as she found her passion for surfing and now encourages and support girls at all levels, from beginners through the HOW Girls Camp to professional coaching and management for the Olympics. Gwen is proud that our best hope of a medal is a woman at the next games, and she hopes to grow a pipeline of talent for this ‘amazing’ sport.

Laura Charles-Price – Swansea

Working for Cricket Wales, Laura lives and breathes cricket. Laura is passionate about growing a sustainable game for women and girls. Providing engaging cricket activities and sustainable funding models, Laura is instrumental in ensuring that the intervention lasts in this male dominated sport. By providing training for women, Laura is responsible for female inclusion at committees across south Wales from Carmarthenshire to Monmouth. Recognising that cricket can be seen as an elitist sport with expensive equipment, Laura ensures that kit is provided for the girls in the league so all girls can learn the skills they need to enjoy the sport. Never taking ‘no’ for an answer, Laura is changing the face of cricket for good by providing a clear pathway for the development of women and girls.

Rising Star

We want to celebrate the young women coming through in different roles and sectors who show great promise for the future. The winner of this award will be a woman who has entered the workplace in the last 5 years, has already achieved success and has demonstrated real potential.

Meet our finalists

Charlie Morgan and Amy Holland – Vale of Glamorgan

Charlie and Amy are life-long friends and co-founders of Warrior Women Collective – a growing community with the aim to inspire and celebrate women. Warrior Women Collective supports and empowers women, whether that comes from attending events, listening to the podcast, or simply being part of an online community. Since setting up the first event in 2017 they have grown the collective and now run an event every month with a growing following. Ensuring they put their collective at the heart of the experience, they are led by the women who attend and cover a variety of different subjects that matter to women most. They provide a springboard for new connections and a safe space to share thoughts and ideas.

Bethan Owen – Bodelwyddan

Bethan Owen likes to keep busy. A student at Rhyl College, Bethan is a member of the police cadets, runs a karate club and is also a young carer for her mum. Bethan first tried karate at the age of 7 and found her passion. As a young carer, Bethan found that karate gave her confidence, motivation, and the skills to succeed. Finding a hobby and a community that she loved was instrumental in being able to support her parents who she adores. However, classes were expensive. So, Bethan and her Dad set up a new Dojo where money was not a barrier and everyone could be included, especially other young carers. Starting off small, Bethan now runs four classes per week. She loves to see everyone succeed, no matter what age and continues to support other young carers. By being open about her experiences, she is being the role model she wished she had when she was younger.

Kirsty James – Cardiff

As a teenager Kirsty developed Stargardt disease, a type of vision impairment. Trying to live life as normal, Kirsty attended university with an ambition to become a teacher and hid her gradual sight loss from those around her. One morning Kirsty woke up to find her condition had deteriorated rapidly. She had lost her central vision and her world was turned upside down. No longer able to become a teacher, but being a great believer in taking control of her life, Kirsty went on to work for Velindre Cancer Care and then RNIB, where she started as a trainee. After only three and a half years, Kirsty is now a Campaigns Officer, something that she never thought she would do. Keen to educate people about sight loss and the impact that it has, Kirsty has used empathy, understanding and determination to make a difference for the community and will continue to do so.

Claudia Limpert – Caerphilly

Since childhood, Claudia has been supporting her local community. From volunteering at Local Aid in Swansea during her A Levels, setting up mentoring projects for young carers at university to now working at the Wales Co-operative Centre, Claudia’s enthusiasm for making a difference is inspiring to witness. Quickly gaining the skills she needed to support social enterprise start-ups, Claudia is a key member of the team and her career continues to flourish. Claudia’s support for these organisations is invaluable and she offers expert advice and diverse opinions. The success of these businesses means a lot to Claudia and she is making an impact for communities right across Wales.

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Fewer women start businesses than men and the average income of a self employed woman is currently around £10,000. This award celebrates those women who have bucked the trend and set up successful businesses with real growth potential.

Meet our finalists

Jade Fisher – Pontsarn

With an ethos to spread kindness and encouragement, Jade set up her greeting cards business in 2015. Finding her confidence along the way, she now runs a global brand with a turnover that is doubling each year. Jade’s brand celebrates friendship in a truly authentic way, featuring designs that started out as messages for her friends. She also draws on inspiration from books, music and poetry to create her beautiful cards and calendars. Jade’s greeting cards and paper goods are sold in over 300 stores across Europe and in over 100 stores in the USA and Australia. Knowing the impact that representation can have, Jade’s designs feature women of colour and other protected characteristics. This allows her to truly connect with her community. A mentor for Welsh ICE and Prince’s Trust, she is keen to empower other women into business. You don’t have to be a ‘certain type of person to succeed in business’

Stephanie Hill – Swansea

A true force for change, Stephanie set up her training organisation The Dynamic Toolkit Project, 5 years ago whilst on maternity leave, from a career in the Humanitarian and Health and Social care sectors. The Dynamic Toolkit Project supports individuals to understand their own psychology and be proactive in building their own emotional resilience and widening horizons. She was inspired by her own journey as an Indian Ocean Tsunami survivor who was unable to access mental health services to support her recovery with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a psychology graduate she decided to take control of her own recovery and studied other therapeutic approaches and then an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development. Stephanie specialises in supporting staff in care-giving professions across the charity and public sectors. She is currently working with the UN across Asia developing the capacity of Police Forces to nurture self-care and resilience and take a gender responsive approach when working with survivors of human trafficking. She has also been delivering self-care webinars throughout the pandemic to staff across Welsh Local Authorities and Domestic Abuse and Homelessness Charities.


Sam Davies – Denbigh

A specialist recruitment consultant for Civil Engineering, Sam set up iconsult Technical in 2015 in Denbigh. Working across the UK, Sam is one of only four organisations that recruits for such specialist roles and she works with over 11,000 engineers each year. Passionate about Wales, Sam is proud to have grown the business to employ staff members from the local area and provide opportunities for learning and growth. Self-taught in geotechnics, Sam provides the right candidates for the engineering firms that she works with. Always looking for opportunities to give back, Sam and the team have philanthropy at the core of the business. They have raised over £10,000 for the charity Sense. Through a graduate recruitment scheme Sam has not only ensured that great opportunities are opened to female graduates, but the profits from this scheme have been donated to Glan Clwyd Hospital children’s ward.

Sian Cartledge – Neath

Graphic designer Sian identified a gap in the market when her son Max started school in the Swansea Valleys. Wanting to give him the gift of the Welsh language, Sian enrolled Max in a Welsh medium school and suddenly realised that, as an English speaker, it was going to be hard to help him with his studies. During lunch breaks, Sian created some flash cards to help Max learn. It also allowed her to learn alongside him. Sian thought she would be helping just a couple of families at the same school but within a week had sold 250 packs of flashcards. The business was born. Now providing Welsh language resources, home decorations and greeting cards to over 170 stockists in Wales, Sian is passionate about helping others. Offering flexible employment opportunities to others in the area, Sian says she is ‘really living her dream’.

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Lifelong learning benefits everyone. It has the power to change lives. This award celebrates those women who have reentered learning and/or education to realise their full potential.

Meet our finalists

Zlatitsa Stoilova – Blaenau Gwent

Originally from Bulgaria, Zlatitsa followed her dream and moved to create a life in the UK in 2018 with her family. She has established a working life for herself, found somewhere for her family to live and gained employment in a new country. She has also settled her two children in school, helping them adjust to their new environment and languages, both Welsh and English. Keen to expand her knowledge and build a career for herself Zlatitsa enrolled on Agile Nation 2 and completed this in her spare time. It has helped her focus on her skills and next steps, and with her determination it will be great to see her reach her full potential.

Carys Godding – Bridgend

Carys knew at age 16 that she did not want to go to university. Applying for an apprenticeship in engineering along with her sister, Carys found herself being one of the first female staff members in a heavily male dominated environment. Learning new skills every day, Carys encountered a difficult environment where she felt under pressure to prove herself at every turn. Now, an industry professional, Carys has obtained a first degree in Electrical Engineering and is well on her way to become a senior manager at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. Passionate about learning, Carys has taken control of her own career path and continues to learn technical skills and is passionate about developing her leadership skills too. Taking every opportunity that comes her way, Carys is a shining example of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway!’

Llinos Jones – Carmarthenshire

Llinos is a creative industries professional who believes the arts is the most powerful tool. For Llinos, art is storytelling. Through working with young people and in the community, Llinos has helped lots of people unlock their potential and express themselves through drama, poetry and film making. Llinos has most recently taken part in the Agile Nation 2 Career Development programme and this has helped her to stop underestimating her abilities and gain a promotion as Yr Egin’s Engagement Officer in Carmarthenshire. Now leading a team of people, Llinos is taking the next step in her career. She can have a wider impact on the community that she lives in and can make a real change through the arts that she wants to see.

Izabel Oag – Cardiff

From fashion to stone masonry, Izzy has had a diverse career. After undergoing heart surgery at the age of 21, Izzy decided that she wanted a different path from her studies in fashion and found a job working with MS Group as an admin assistant. Determined to progress, Izzy was quickly promoted to PA to the CEO. This gave her exposure to the strategy behind the organisation which lit a fire beneath her. Izzy particpated and completed the Chwarae Teg Career Development Programme, learning leadership and management skills, and has grown in confidence. Izzy is the first woman to become a senior manager within her organisation. She now manages a team and has contributed to the first 5-year plan being put in place for the organisation.

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Employer Award Finalists

Gender Equality Champion

Businesses that are more diverse are more profitable, more successful and are employers of choice. This award recognises organisations that have taken a proactive approach to close the gender divide in the workplace. They will have run a successful initiative or campaign to directly address gender imbalance for their organisation. They will be able to evidence why gender diversity is of benefit to all employees, not just women. They will be able to evidence the impact their improvements have had on both individual employees and the organisation as a whole.

Meet our finalists

Aberystwyth University Students’ Union – Aberystwyth

Led by students and supported by a team of staff, the Aberystwyth University Students’ Union wants students to have the best possible higher education experience, and beyond. As a membership organisation, the Student Union want to ensure that their members and staff have true equality when accessing opportunities and services. Taking a proactive approach to gender equality, the organisation evaluated data of their student and staff populations and put structures in place to ensure that women are represented at all levels. By making significant changes to their recruitment processes and adopting agile working processes they are providing excellent role modelling for the student population and beyond.

Pembrokeshire People First – Haverfordwest

Pembrokeshire People First is a charity, run by and for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. With equality at the heart of everything they do, they provide advocacy, training, groups and campaigning for their members. Running specific projects and groups for women and girls, Pembrokeshire People First have harnessed culture of collaboration, understanding and kindness to provide role models for their members. These role models are relatable to those individuals and challenge and change mindsets within the community. Ambassadors for equality, staff members continually challenge stereotypes and break down barriers for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Encon Construction – Cardiff

Encon Construction Ltd are a construction and civil engineering company that employs less than 50 people. They pride themselves in being an inclusive and innovative business. Encon identified challenges around equality and diversity in the construction industry and wanted to do something that would actively encourage more women to come into and stay in the workforce. Funded by CITB, they are currently working across the industry to deliver the Women into Construction Career Changer Project. By providing training, mentoring and continuous professional development they are working with 20 women who are placed at several host companies across the industry and supply chain. Keen to make long lasting change for the sector, they are also working with organisations to encourage agile working practices within the industry for the benefit of all.

Avia Sports Cars – Cardiff

Avia Speed Shop are a family run business that maintains and services car and light goods vehicles. In a traditionally male dominated sector, Avia has a gender balanced workforce and has adopted collaborative working practices that allows everyone to thrive. By implementing a non-centralised control method of management, all employees feel ownership of their workloads and this has allowed the organisation to thrive. A shining example for the wider sector, Avia recognises that ‘treating everyone the same’ does not always lead to true equality. With a passion for widening the talent pool into the sector, Avia is at the heart of supporting education frameworks and working to attract a wider talent pool into apprenticeships.

FairPlay Employer

This award will celebrate our FairPlay Employers who are on their journey to gender equality within their organisations. We will assess the distance travelled and the impact achieved.

Meet our finalists

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Wonderful Welsh Women

People’s Choice Award

Wonderful Welsh Women recognises remarkable women – from both past and present – that impel, influence and inspire.

The Womenspire People’s Choice Award winner will be chosen by you from our Wonderful Welsh Women 2020 campaign.

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