Wonderful Welsh Women

Our campaign celebrates inspiring role models for women in Wales.


Hilary Brown

CEO of Virgo Consultancy, Volunteer and specialist

I am the CEO and founder of Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd a Law Firm trading as an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) with offices in South Wales and London.
We offer a range a private and publicly funded legal services and I personally specialise in Immigration and Asylum.


Kathryn Llewellyn

CEO of United Purpose, Leader and Activist

Kathryn Llewellyn is originally from Swansea and is currently the CEO of United Purpose, Wales’ largest international development agency.


Iris De Freitas

1896 — 1989
Lawyer, World Traveller and Trailblazer

Iris was born on the 26th of October 1896, to a merchant in British Guiana (current day Guyana).
In December 1918, she came to Wales to study botany, Latin and law at Aberystwyth University. She was also the Vice-President of the Student’s Representative Council as well as the President of the Women’s Sectional Council.


Lesley Kirkpatrick

CEO of Techniquest.

As CEO of educational charity and science discovery centre Techniquest, Lesley Kirkpatrick's key role is to help Wales develop a scientifically literate society and to ensure that Techniquest plays a fundamental role in supporting that aim


Chisomo Phiri

NUS Wales Women’s Officer

As NUS Wales Women’s Officer, my role is to represent all women and non-binary students in post-16 education in Wales. I lead our Women’s Campaign, and work with a range of stakeholders to make women students’ lives better, including the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse, and Sexual Violence Strategy, action on chisi-circle-image-01-01tackling period poverty, and supporting young women in leadership.

I also have the privilege of working with our member students’ unions and their sabbatical officers, supporting them with their own campaigns on campus. My amazing Women’s Committee, made up of women students from around Wales, support me with this.

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