Tahirah has been volunteering with Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST) Wales for over 5 years now, whilst contributing to the community and enjoying every minute of it. From play schemes to homework club, working with different community groups, she feels this has shaped her as a young individual.

In 2018, Tahirah became involved with Young, Migrant and Welsh (YMW), a project that focused on changing the perceptions of young individuals who live in Wales and are from a migrant community. Her contribution focused on females in sports, specifically representation and weightlifting.

Nominated as a Youth Ambassador for Wales by EYST Wales for the #iwill campaign Tahirah feels that she was able to reach a wider audience and raise more awareness, not only in the local community but nationally too. Whilst working with other Youth Ambassadors in Wales, Tahirah was able to contribute in creating material that reflected the diverse Wales.

Tahirah has also been involved in the judging panel of different Welsh projects and charities by WCVA, this allowed work of individuals and organisations to be recognised at a national level, in order to carry on more work to improve their communities and receive further funding to sustain it.

Most recently, Tahirah was on the judging panel for the Diana Awards. The awards were internationally recognised and this gave an insight into the amazing work of individuals around the world.

At present, Tahirah has been asked to get involved in a new and developing project called Future Leaders Network in Wales, which focuses on making sure all voices are heard and how to overcome challenges, especially in lockdown.

24th Jan 2019
Wonderful Welsh Women