State of the Nation 2019

28th January 2019

Welsh Government has publicly asserted its ambition for Wales to become a world leader for gender equality and work has been ongoing to review the Welsh Government’s current policies and practices to outline how this vision can be made a reality.

An important part of becoming a world leader for gender equality is being honest about how we are currently performing as a nation. How equal is Wales? This State of the Nation briefing seeks to answer this question, outlining how Wales performs in relation to key indicators for gender equality. These indicators are grouped under three main themes, which are the key strategic focus for Chwarae Teg’s work:

  1. Women in the Economy: building a Wales where women achieve and prosper across all sectors and at all levels of the economy
  2. Women Represented: building a Wales where women are visible and influential across all sectors of the economy, society and in public life
  3. Women at Risk : building a Wales where women are empowered to achieve their potential, regardless of their background, social status or geographic location

The indicators have been chosen based on a number of factors including the robustness of the data and whether the data is refreshed on a regular basis. They have also been selected with the aim of providing a broad, top-line assessment of gender equality in Wales. There will be limitations to what the data in this briefing can demonstrate but it’s hoped that it can provide an important contribution to discussion of equality in Wales. Each year we will revisit these key indicators at our State of the Nation event to assess our progress towards a fairer Wales where women achieve and prosper

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