Carys shares her career development story

2nd September 2019

I am now a lot more confident in my role and have valuable skills to take me to the next level in my career.

Carys Godding
Engineer, Welsh Water

Having been recommended the programme by her manager and mentor at Welsh Water, Carys read some case studies and immediately knew that the Career Development Programme was what she needed to further her career.

Why did you sign up to our AN2 Women’s Career Development Programme?

I began my career in engineering at the age of 16. It took 4 years to qualify, through a technical apprenticeship in the Power Industry, and joined the engineering team at Aberthaw Power station. Five years later, I joined Welsh Water as an Automation, Telemetry & Control Engineer. I had the technical side of the role sorted, but I wanted to develop my skills as a team supervisor.

I enquired about the programme initially as I was recommended by my manager who has also been my mentor since joining Welsh Water. After reading the programme content, case studies and feedback it was clear to me that this was a programme I needed to be a part of to help develop further in my career.

What did you gain from the programme?

The programme was an excellent opportunity for me to take time out for myself, to evaluate my skills, and understand what I am good at and what I could improve on. Initially, going through the various tasks, I gained a lot of information about myself that instantly I took a dislike to. However, the programme enables you to reflect, and using the feedback received I understand my strengths and how to use them to be better at communication. I am now a lot more confident in my role and have valuable skills to take me through to the next level of management.

What advice would you give to other women considering the programme?

I would highly recommend the programme to any female, whether they are looking to develop in their careers or to simply build confidence and skills within their current roles. My group was so inspiring, and we have all remained good friends following the programme.

Carys was an asset to the learning group. Her contributions were refreshing, valid and she openly shared her journey with us all. Carys proves, and showed us all, that’s there’s no such thing as ‘jobs for boys’! She’s a role model for women wanting to take on technical roles and manage a team.

Beth Baldwin
Learning Development Partner