Claire Hiles shares her experience

16th January 2019

“Out of the blue Chwarae Teg has quite literally changed my life, and all for the better!”

Claire has taken the confidence gained from taking part in the Career Development Programme to really focus on herself, and her future going on to study at the open university.

Why did you sign up for Career Development Programme?

It was an exciting opportunity to refresh my knowledge and skills as a leader, and also take regular time from a busy job to focus on my own development in a safe environment with like-minded women to refresh and learn leadership skills and feeling empowered to use them.

What did the programme do for you?

A huge amount! Confidence and belief in my ability were probably the biggest benefits from taking part in the programme. After years of feeling that I never added much value as expected of me, the programme reinvigorated my confidence and my worth. I learnt to put my own views of myself above anyone else’s, and that’s make me a stronger women in the workplace.

I was also fortunate to have a guest speaker from the Open University at one of the sessions, and I have no idea how accessible and realistic it was to study for a degrees part time alongside full time work.

What would you say to women considering signing up for the programme?

If you are someone who is tired of not putting yourself first, and wants to further your personal development then sign up right away! Out of the blue Chwarae Teg has quite literally changed my life, and all for the better!