DevOpsGroup share their experience of the Agile Nation 2 programme

25th November 2018

DevOpsGroup is a consultancy and training organisation dedicated to transforming the way organisations innovate and deliver software. They started out as just two guys – James Smith and Steve Thair – and today they have more than 70 staff based out of Cardiff, Wales and London. Here, marketing manager Joanna Pontin shares their experience of the Agile Nation2 Business Programme.

Why did you sign up to the programme?

Our team is constantly evolving. Today, we represent a group of people with wide-ranging perspectives, backgrounds and expertise. We decided to participate in order to recognise the work we have been doing to improve gender diversity and help close the STEM skills gap.

Why do you think gender equality in the workplace is important?

There is an inaccurate perception in our industry of what working in IT or as a developer means. However, the reality is businesses want more individuals that have skills in collaboration and teamwork as well as technical skills. Greater gender parity in our industry is absolutely critical to delivering on our vision of high performing IT.

What was the biggest learning on the programme?

A safe environment with like-minded women to refresh and learn leadership skills and feeling empowered to use them. I was also fortunate to have a guest speaker from the Open University at one of the sessions, and I had no idea how accessible and realistic it was to study for a degree, part time alongside full time work!

What has changed for you since participating?

From starting on the programme two years ago to the position we’re at now, the changes we have implemented have enriched the working environment immensely and enable us to attract a more diverse pool of talent. The biggest learning for us is the changes we can make on a day-to-day basis. Seemingly small changes can add up to one big change that enhances our business growth. For example, we have changed the language in our job adverts to ensure they appeal to everyone and updated our flexible working policy to be more accommodating.

Would you recommend the programme to other businesses?

Absolutely. By working with Chwarae Teg, we can continually boost our diversity practices to ensure that every team member is given the opportunity to thrive. As our company continues to grow, we want to keep attracting, retaining and nurturing people from all backgrounds and walks of life.