Joe’s Ice Cream, Swansea

7th January 2019

One of Wales’ longest-running ice-cream parlours has received Chwarae Teg’s Developing Award for its inclusive approach to succession planning, staff development and leadership practices. We spoke to Marketing Manager, Lucy Hughes about the benefits of the programme.

Why did you get involved with Chwarae Teg’s Business Programme?

Having completed the Women’s Programme I was very impressed by the work of Chwarae Teg. On understanding further the benefits of the programme, it sounded like something our organisation could really benefit from. Although our brand is big, our family run company is very small, and everyone wears many hats! Important HR issues often get left, and we did not have standardised procedures for most of the HR structure.

Why do you think gender equality in the workplace is important?

Gender equality is important in the workplace, as we need women and men to provide all of the skills and aptitudes to run a successful business. Half of our six directors, our wholesale manager and many of our parlour chiefs are women, so we do not tend to see gender inequality in our organisation.

What have been the benefits the organisation?

The biggest takeaway from one HR project, is that your staff can provide to you the best alternative. We needed to implement a change, we opened up a consultation period, our staff have ended up choosing the solution, which has made the business, and the staff very content with the outcome. I would never have implemented the change that way without Gemma’s help!

Would you recommend that other companies take part in the Business Programme?

Absolutely, the advice and support that we have received has been invaluable. I would recommend that any SME finds the time to set aside for the Business Programme. And it has never felt time consuming!