Sazia shares her career development story

27th February 2019

The programme gave me an opportunity to reflect on myself. I now have the confidence to take my career in any direction I choose.

Sazia Afrin

Chwarae Teg’s Career Development Programme has enabled Sazia to see her recent redundancy as an opportunity, not a disaster. With a renewed passion in design, she has the confidence to go in any direction she chooses.

Why did you sign up for Career Development Programme?

I wanted to progress and knew that I needed to develop my leadership skills and I felt I needed to boost my self-belief and confidence. I saw a Facebook advert for the programme and I thought, yes, I do want to reach my full potential – so I went for it.

What did the programme do for you?

It’s really empowered me to see my recent redundancy as an opportunity to take my career in any direction that I want. You have the opportunity for a lot of self-analysis, which brought back my passion for design.

I did have my reservations – it’s a training course and I’ve done them before, but this was different. The women on the course really support each other, I felt my ideas and contributions were not only welcomed but encouraged, and I realised that I am a good leader.

Our Learning Development Partner, Libby, was so approachable and supportive throughout the programme.

What would you say to women considering signing up for the programme?

Do not hesitate, you have nothing to lose, you only gain. I didn’t realise how empowered I would feel. Being with women who have had similar experiences, faced the same hurdles, and realising that we can overcome them, is overwhelmingly positive.