Suzy shares her career development story

27th February 2019

The programme was empowering and a real inspiration. It really made me think and I continue to use the skills I developed

Suzy Cornish

Having had two children, Suzy’s career had taken a back seat until she stepped up for a manager within her department, and when the manager returned, Suzy realised she needed to invest time in herself – just as a timely email from Chwarae Teg pinged in her inbox.

Why did you sign up for Career Development Programme?

I received some mentoring from a senior member of staff who was helping me with my confidence, and I’d started to raise my profile when I took on an interim management role. I realised I had just been plodding along going through the motions, and that actually ‘I can do this, I am capable’. I decided I needed to continue developing and learning, and the programme was a great opportunity that I grabbed with both hands.

What did the programme do for you?

It made me stop and think about how I work on a daily basis. It was apparent from the start that there are many women, like me, who have the ability to be leaders but confidence lets us down, together with that fear of failure.

Beth, our Learning Development Partner, was empowering and a real inspiration. The way she held the room and had us interacting with each other was brilliant. The encouragement and positivity from this group of women allowed everyone to be themselves, to talk about barriers and how we can overcome them.

I’ve since had the confidence to put myself forward for new roles, although not successful this time, the fact I felt confident enough to put myself forward is a fantastic achievement for me.

What would you say to women considering signing up for the programme?

Do it! I continue to use the skills I have developed as a result. I did find it challenging as I was moving house at the time – so make sure you have the time to really embrace the course and practice what you learn. This is an investment in you, and you’re worth it!